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I have checked for fire with a spark tester a changed the fuel filter. I checked to see if fuel came out of the lines and it does. please help!!!!

is there another fuse for the power windows besides the 30 amp. fuse under the hood in fuse box? Tried a used master power switch (located on drivers left side), still not working-could it be that I need to replace the 30 amp fuse--I switched this fuse with another 30 amp fuse that i know works--no better.

I have a 96 Mercury Villager between 33k and maybe 38k. Nice little van buy my friend drove it one day and when she pulled into the parking lot of her destination that motor seized up & died. The car would NOT restart. I tried to jump the car, it got power but you turn the key you hear a click or two. I've replaced the starter and gotten the car to sorta do a 1 or 2 second crank but the motor was burning up my new starter. Its like the motor was locked but I don't get it. I feel like there is more to this. What exactly are the symptoms of the Distributer seizing up? Would that cause a van to die in mid action, CAN you START a van at all with it? And lastly.. Im not a mechanic so How can i tell if it is indeed the distributer? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

at first van would go more then 30km an hour, then would go at all. replaced fuel pump, spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter. now it goes but is difficult to start after sitting for a bit (couple hours), emits a strong fuel smell and feels bogged down (lacking power)

then dos same thing o2 sensor or what?

its leaking and I don't use it

On two occasions in the last two weeks, my 97 villager simply would not start. I tried jumping it the first time, but no effect. When I turned the key, the startup lights on the dash, radio, heater fan, etc. all came on normally, but nothing else. The first time the dealership said it was a bad relay and a blown fuse. The second time they said it was bad plugs (which simply doesn't make sense given the symptoms) Both times were on extremely cold days (windchills of - 10 degrees or more). This is my first Villager and I have only had it a couple of months. It has 90k on it and has been garage kept. Anyone have this problem?

the problem occurs every time the van starts and I need to fix it ASAP because my mom has taken my vehicle and i need it back fast, so please help me.

van was running fine turned it off then went to start it and it chugged and died wouldnt start for another 2 hrs and when it started it chugged like it wasn't getting gas then died again..checked fuel pump changed filter put new crank censor new plugs and wires among other parts .. husband turn distributor then it sounded out of time back firing..his friend came and lined distributor back up turns over but now no spark through the plugs they cant figure it aggravated been without van for a month now

It has only happened once when it was parked in my drive-way on a slight downward hill. I'm afraid to crank the car because the gas seems to be coming from under the hood...HELP!

Drove it 4 miles and back went to leave again 20 mins later and it wouldn't turn over, all you heard was click click and fuel pump. Here's what I had done, checked relays and fuses and bought new battery's s still it does nothing so replaced starter with new one and it would turn over but not crank and couldn't hear fuel pump any more it was getting no power sooo I replaced that with new one and what do ya know it started let it sit and run and after 10 min it just shuts off so I done alot of research and decided to take my last thirty dollars and buy a crankshaft position sensor and still nothing and now the distributor is not getting fire what could possibly be causing this problem to move around to diff parts had all the items tested and all tested good. Please help! Dazed confused and broke

engine died , car bucked like downshift and would not restart but did not choke or starve for fuel it died suddenly no warning .....electrical ???what do you think

what could it be it did not starve for fuel it just quit and wont restart ??? electrical ??? maybe coil or could it be a fuse what do you think

I'm sure its my radiator but before it died it wouldn't shift out. What does this sound like it could be?

If the keys are in the house and anyone or anything comes within 5 feet of my van the doors unlock. I cleaned the battery terminals. The dealer has no idea

Yesterday my van started sputtering and died won't start out acts like its out of gas but has half a tank. I'm lost don't know what it could be or even where to start at. Please help.

my vehicle is overheating, ive literally done everything except change the heater core and heater control valve. Ive changed the water pump, radiator and hoses and the thermostat. I have drained the the system and back flused the inlet and outlet hoses that connect at the fire wall and ive tried back flushing the heater core, yet its still overheating.

this has been happening everyday until it won't start at all had it towed home

Stalled once than restarted when shut off won't start has fuel and fire no inj pulse

It starts up and runs for about 4 minutes, then just dies again. Sofar it has started each time afterwards. Please Help.

do I follow the distributer cap numbers or is it mixed up?

My van was still running when I put it in park, the while it was still on I tried to put it back into drive the gears are shifting but when u press on the gas, it doesnt go anywhere. Can this be anything besides the transmission?

1997 mercury villager

compressor got stock is not running at all,

Brand new compresser how much oil don't want to over fill

I do not have the permanent code assigned to the vehicle ...It is used to program your personal code into the system. I have the code it is set at, but the car locks itself sometimes with my phone, purse, etc in the car. The number it has is very hard to remember and I need to change it asap.....The manual says 3 taped pieces have been put into the car nowhere to be found. How can I change it to a number I can remember in an emergency since it locks itself occasionally????????

i took it to autozone to get checked and they said they couldnt because they can only check 96 and up.

I have replaced about $400.00 so far.My wife will drive the kids to school one day and the next day the motor will turn over but will not fire up and that afternoon
fires right up. I have replaced the dist.pluggs,wires and fuel pump and fuel pressuse reg. weard. I think that this is electrical.I noticed that the dash light will dim
when driving.I can't trust this van and my wife needs to be able to trust it.

95 mercury villager

Seems to be running on 5 cylinder when under lug but runs fine some of the other times. Starts and idles fine.