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Catch. Sound like it wants to start but,at first when it happened it started then shut off to next light. After trying to start it,a smell came from under hood. Got a jump,once cable from other vehicle was taken off. The cable attached to my vehicle started to smoke.
The sensor side has a white,black, white. The car side of the plug has a blue/yellow,black. The blue/yellow has broken off and the pigtail for my van is obsolete. Would like to cut out the plug and splice the wires.
I can't start out in drive to go down the road.I have to put it in first then shift to second then to drive. But it shifts fine after that.
I know nothing about vehicles so it's hard to explain the issue correctly. It started with rpm gauge jumping up and down. Van was jerking... then heard a knocking noise followed by what sounded like metal getting caught up in Motor. We just got new spark plugs and wires... my husband checked to make sure wires were in good. Anyone have a clue before I take to mechanic tomorrow?
just changed master cylinder, now rear wheel on driver side locking down. when i bleed the line will free wheel up but after driving a few miles will lock back down. Line look good what am i doing wrong?
Not leaking fluid lines look good But when i bleed rear wheel. It unlocks drive less than a few miles wheel lock back down?
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