Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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A/C compressor failed and I purchased a new one from Auto Zone PN:638735 and want to replace it myself.
Is it the transmission or the differential or drive Tran? How can I fix it thank you
The rear airconditioner does not turn on
when starting off from dead stop seams rpm revving up higher than speed of car. started 2 weeks ago. have had car for 2 years only does it when outside tempter is above 90 hot.
I have already changed the battery in the fob and even bought a new fob. The car locks and unlocks and acts like it is synced but then nothing...
Went to check fluids in car and noticed that water in radiator looked like a strawberry shake.
When there has been heavy rains and driving through standing water in ditches etc or taking my mountaineer through car wash, my check/service engine light comes on and starts idling funny. At times when in park it will idle slow to almost dying then rev back up. Then when I get in and put in drive, it acts like its going to die and then revs up and goes. It has done this on and off. This last time though, I noticed the smell of gas at times. The light has now gone off and idling fine.
Where would I bring vehicle to a auto repair or a stero place to check the radio and CD player.
I cannot see the time or the select radio stations. The whole panel is dark.
Battery died , jumped the car . DVD player would not work after power outage. Error message: Connect error -see dealer . can this be fixed ?
The check engine light is on. The truck is cutting of when slowing down to take a turn. Keeps cutting off when coming to a stop.
My powered windows are also not working. Have changed the fuse for the window
I changed fuse on 17, it was blown, replaced it. And stuff still doesn't work. Anyone have any other ideas what it could be???
It said with those codes to check the ignition first but I am not sure what is meant by that. Thanks.
Where on the fuel rail
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