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My 2006 mercury mountaineer is hesitating and the engine emission warning light came on. I also notice a slight burnt smell outside of the vehicle. I am concerned that the issue might be the catalytic converter.
Country: United States
Make: Mercury
Model: Mountaineer Premier
Year: 2006
Engine: V8

in the last 2 months. I just added an octane booster and fuel injector cleaner additive to the gas tank and I am smelling a slightly burnt smell and the emissions light is now on

I cannot figure out where the hose went that was connected to the air intake plenum. Looking from the driver seat, the hose was connected to the left-read-underside of the air intake plenum. The car was running rough and when I plugged the tube
on the plenum with my finger, it ran fine.

The rear ac makes a clicking nosie and throws out air also what can i do to make it work right

been told to buy a left front axle--how much would that cost? where is the best place to look for one.

problem occurs when making turns, either right or left.

Need a switch with lumbar support control.

Does the steering column need to be replaced to fix the cruise control and how much would it be

trying to find where the flasher for my turn signals is located

trying to add 134a refrigerant with uv dye,and leak do i do this properly?

Just had the ac auto man check it and it shows there is no problem with the coolant system. It started this shortly after I was turning controls on and off right before summer begin, I had the heater on and suddenly there was this clicking noise coming from the dash and now the ac does not cool. I am guessing the heater works, its been too hot to try it. Can you give me some input on this?

First of all I have had an ac man check it and it shows to be nothing wrong with the ac sys.
Now when I got this vehicle the heater did not work so I went one winter without it and the ac worked fine and cooled good.
Now the following year one day I was missing around with the controls and the heater started working good blowing hot air,
but then shortly about 10 min later the clicking noise starts and I shut the heater off. Now my ac does not blow cold and I think the heater still works. Can you give some input on this perhaps it is that actuator problem?

They said once one goes out, more than likely the rest will. They charged me $350.00 for one. What is the average repair to replace all coils?

I have traced the fuel line and can not fine the fuel filter

trying to add more r134a

Feels and sounds as if it is isolated to the front left tire/wheel area. Does not occur every single time I turn the wheel towards the left but it also shakes just slightly. Any assistance in what you might feel it is would be appreciated.

MY rear power outlet is not working and it is not mentioned on the fuse diagram. Is there something I m missing? How do i get this outlet to work?

just came on today

Fan at higher speeds sounds like a paking coupon fell into area of the fan. Trying yo figure out how to get into cabin filter area for look and replace filter??? 111,000 miles. JC

some time it will skip some time it will cut off at red light

How do you test to see if your ball joints are bad on a 2004 Mountaineer?

My battery died (may or may not be related). Afterwards,neither my dashboard lights nor my tail lights are working. My brake lights and rear blinkers are both fine. I thought it might be a fuse, but a friend said possible a faulty "connection" Help!

When in the drive thru at mcdonald's I noticed how loud the car was when waiting for my happy meal. Loud knocking noise and loud when excellerating.

The rear passenger window will not go up. Previously I had to open the drivers door and press the button for the window to go up. Now this is not even working.


the compressor does not seem to be kicking in, ive been told this is because my refrigerant is too low and it doesnt let it to come on to avoid this true or do i have aproblem with the compressor.will a recharge fix my problem of course checking for leaks,thanks john

I cannot see the pvc valve.

does anyone know it's location

I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. The air conditioner blows cold air fine through the front vents and the vent at the rear of the center console. The blower and temperature for the rear ceiling vents is controlled by a temperature dial and a decade fan switch above the front wndshield. The problem is the vents in the rear ceiling only blow hot air no matter what the temperature setting is. What's causing this and how do I fix it ? Thank you for any help you can give.

how do you replace a cylinder head spark plug came out of head

location of fuel filter