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cruse control works sometimes. ABS light comes on sometimes. when ABS light comes on cruse control never works. However the ABS light does not have to be on for the cruse control to NOT WORK. does not seem to be a pattern. It will work for a while no problem. other times it is working and I tap the breaks but when I hit resume I get no response. I hit set nothing, turn it off then back on nothing. Other times it works Thanking you in advance CJ
Car ran fine until I parked it. Seemed like dead battery, but clearly not the issue.
Pep Boys gave me an estimate of $2601.88 to fix my heater and window. They said 8 hours of labor at $920, heater box $627.06, Door motor $105.84, Recharge the AC $300. Number one, this doesn't add up. Number two, this is very expensive. They said I need a new heater box, driver regulator, and switch. I went to Firestone during the summer months but didn't get it fixed and they said $1000 to fix the heater, $500 for the window. What sounds right to you?
cant find location of trans relay
car was sitting for a long time unused and now itll start but wont stay on or accellerate
turn signals are totally dead no flash no light. The emergency 4 ways do flash and light. Looked for the flasher but am struggling to find it. Then its about 35.00 for it if its a guess at best. I wish cars were as easy as the old days to fix.
I believe there is a blown fuse or circuit for that controls windows, sunroof, and radio but I can not locate it.
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