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I've had the van for a year (bought used in Oct13 its now Oct14) I've replaced the battery (6months ago) and the alternator (1 month ago) the van will start one day and a couple days later not start without being jumped. I don't drive it every day and I make sure all lights are off and doors are closed before I walk away, so they don't drain the battery.
Also the buttons on top that control the psd stopped working. any ideas as to what could cause this?

At idle I'm kinda leaning towards the converter being plugged up or egr may be bad dash says its getting 10 mpg something def wrong anyone got any ideas?thx

The van has dual climate control and rear air . I took battery cable off for ten minutes to see if would reset no change. Right side heats and cools, left side stays cool and will not change is there a way too tell if motor is bad? heat is working on left rear but I dont know if it runs off that damper.

In the morning my battary is dead.after starting car I disconnected battary it runs fine .reconnect and in the morning again battary is dead.put new battary in and same thing. I noticed the radio doesn't turn off anymore when I open drivers door and when I turn inside light on only one comes on.any ideas ? Someone said maybe body control module ? Any other symptoms I could check if that is it.?
Thank you in advance.

every time vehicle is started

I have looked in the owner's manual but still can't figure out how to get to the fuse to replace it.

If I let the van sit a while the window will go back up. Is this a fuse, the window regulator or the motor. Anyone got some ideas?

i was told it was fuel pump done that and still shutting off

There are no trouble codes. I can't even get the cruise control light to come on at all. And it Has not worked One since I've bought the vehicle.

Trying to retrieve gift card that fell between front windshield and dashboard

the sensors work ,but are highly intermittent

Had a misfire in cylinder 3, changed plugs and wires and then coil pack. Now van is backfiring during acceleration. Could the wires be on in the wrong order?

When the car sets overnight and is started, there's a sound like a power steering pump that is low on fluid. It only lasts a split second. Shut it down and restart it and there's no noise at all.

No codes in my husband's scanner. The doors make locking sounds when we hit the power buttons, but they dont open. Is this a locking issue? Just dont understand why we cant even manually open the doors

It just started today. Every time I turn around, it is going off. There are no messages on the dash of my car. Everything else seems to work perfectly.

mine is not visible during the day and very dim at night... not sure if it is called information center, data center or message center

2004 mercury monterey

We change the oil and it goes away for a few months. We change the synthetic oil about every 2 months whenever the problem comes back. How do we fix this?
Check engine light flashes when it gets bad. Check engine code is only misfire in cylinder 4.

trying to replace a fuel preasure sensor

where is the fuel preasure sensor on a 2004 mercury mini van

When I turn on the key, CD displays check player. When I push CD button, it displays initializing but does not work.

I had the factory recall of the torque converter fixed. Then my van started misfiring, BAD!!!! So, I take it in and they say I need new spark plugs, catalytic converter, muffler. And then call me back and say van is still messing up. They replace the ignition coil too. My FIL says that the torque convertr replaced might have been the cause of this problem if it was faulty. Is that true?

im looking to buy a used 2004 mercury Monterey with about 75k and im a little leary after all ive found from past Monterey owners. I have a 7 year old and 2 more on the way so I need peace of mind when it comes to a vehicle. the current owner isn't too sure about a few things and id like to get an idea of how much a power steering pump would cost me if needed to be replaced. Also van isn't too tight around corners kind of floats wondering if it could be struts or maybe something more serious. ive read a lot of horror stories about the trans as well. what would the price range be for a van with those type of issues? any type of information containing pros and cons would be greatly appreciated

The driver side window works fine

my diagnostic is p2004

Obd code p2272