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I put a new battery in and I start my car and it says my charging systems good but when I turn my car off and turned just the key on it says check charging system is that supposed to do that
What does it mean when the car says caliper complete
it doesn't have any indications, no lights on, was changing the air filter
happens after short period of driving, when climbing hills, or after sudden stop
car runs fine just stop going in gear
It's not the battery
I plug in the aux cord and phone but it won t go to "line in". The only thing that shows when I press the aux button is the XM radio stations 1, 2, and 3 but not "line in". How do I get it to go to line in so I can play my music?! HELP PLEASE!
a message also came up saying to check charging system. I noticed the radiator fan was also running . What has happened?
Temperature gauge returns to normal after I start traveling over 35-40mph. HELP!
My alternator passed testing, so I bought a new battery when I thought it was my battery my car wouldn't start. I drove it all day it was fine, but after I let my car set for around 3-4 hours it would not start. I notice afterward my light was still on. After I got it jumped, I drive it, it was find. When I turned it off the gear shift light indicator stayed on. I had to get it jumped twice in three days and both times the indicator light remain on.

My car won't start with my key after getting new computer put in. Tried locksmith to reset key that did not work
Im not exactly sure if a wiring harness was used or if wires were spliced when avi installed my radio but i paid for the harness. Is it possible that. This new radio can cause the PCM to go out, problems with the A/C and cause a short in interior lighting?About a month after installing the new radio not only did my AC start acting up but, i was driving down the highway and all of a sudden my car just went out on me. Error is all that would appear on my dash. We tried unplugging battery and a bunch of other things. I hooked my car up to a computer and the code u0100 appeared, meaning loss communication with pcm. We tried reprogramming the keys almost three times but it would run for a bit then the same problem occured. Ford diagnosed the problem and I had to completely replace my pcm. Also my car started running hot and my blower motor relay went bad, which i had to replace and now my car blows air when it wants and normally just hot air. My AC can be on off but it will randomly turn on and off. Can installing this radio cause all these problems because my car was a very good reliable car before changing the radio. Once it was changed its been problem after problem. I also believe it may have a short in my interior lighting because the right light above my dash flickers the whole time when its on. Once the radio was installed they did inform me that my steering wheel controls would no longer work but i didnt expect all this.
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