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Now rear differential acting up making rear shake and tug alot is that by coinincident or can mechanic break while transferable installed
Two bolts on brake caliper , what is Allen wrench size to remove so can change brake pads on front?
While driving, the instruments suddenly die momentarily and then come back on--also the radio. The car runs fine and smoothly--starts well. The check engine light DID NOT come on. This happened abruptly (this morning--Jul 1). We took it to two mechanics (dealer, and private mechanic we trust) and both said it was an "electrical problem" and may involve the instrument cluster. They did not think it was the alternator or the computer. How much could this repair cost be if they are correct? And what else (hopefully simple) could it be?

Additionally, the RAM on the computer and the alternator were recently replaced.
The manual says after three cold cycles the light should go off it's been six cold cycles and it's still on. Now the check engine light is on and neither will go off. Auto zone says it's the gas cap I've bought a new one and still the same results. Had the truck for under a week bought as is. What can I do??
Dimmer switch was checked. If it is a fuse what would it be listed under? Since the rest of the instrument panel is lit. Can this be a bulb? Radio does work. Ty
After I wait it works
I was told that if the torque converter was taken off the engine and that engine was put into another car that the timing would be messed up ????
Ruled out battery alternator tension bar and diagnostic showed nothing wrong ...but knocking and not sure where or why. First time this problems before. .worried it will strand me now
hex size needed for removal of front disc pads ..
We had a snow storm and 4x4 engaged fine. Has been in 4x4 ever since.
Six months ago clock would not reset. I brought it in and they said they had to update the software and changed it for me. It is now doing the same thing again with the time change I cannot reset it. Trying to avoid bringing it in overnight to have it fixed.
horn honks when using keyless entry.
I had my tires rotated at oil change when they told me i need 2 new tires for the mariner due to inside wear on front tires back are in great shape currently now on the front bad on the back im worried about what causes this and will the bad tires throw out the back
battt want dead radio stop working
the light dosent work in the radio cant see the stations or the clock tried the fuses but not it what could it be
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