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about three months ago when driving in 85 degrees the battery cooling fan would not shut off and the vehicle would not go into charging hv battery when i came to a stop. when accelerating from a stop there is a distinct hesitation as if it is not getting power. this has happened a few times since then. it is also exhibiting weird problems - passenger airbag light will remain on - cannot reset dash info - among other oddities. it seems to me that this is the computer but would like any info that can help figure this out.

Why is my 07 mariner hybrid all over the road in rain/snow after an accident i had? I hit a guard rail a few weeks ago and had to change passenger side front tire, wheel, strutt, and tie-rod. It was a little loose afterwards (may have slightly bent a-frame) but nothing too drastic. Today when it started raining i couldn't keep it on the road over 25mph without losing control. It still reads "tire sensor fault" on instrument panel but everything else checks out. I know the basics for auto care but don't know where to start with this one. We're supposed to get inches of snow tomorrow too. Alignment maybe? ? Please help?

Sounds like chirping or tapping under the hood. It continues even after I turn off the engine and only stops when i open the door.

Key would not turn. Message came on, something about "check brake system". Took key out. But with the door open, the radio and the windows still worked, you could hear something was on somewhere in the firewall between you and the engine. Let the car rest for 10 minutes, came back and the car started. Turned the car off. Tried to restart and the same thing happened again. Finally had to disconnect the battery. Re-connected the battery this morning,it started and everything seems fine. Any ideas, am leery about driving it anywhere now.

I took my Mariner(80k miles on it) into the dealer due to the p/s recall and asked to check out AC that was not cooling well. They just called to recommend replacing entire system at a total cost of $2800 and change. This seems very high to me. They offered to reprice using after market parts instead of Ford but I'm afraid this isn't going to help much. Any idea what a fair price on this type of work would be?

how can I reset the system myself?

This has never happened before.

I just want to know approximately how many years the electric motor batteries last.

Dealer just told me I need this module to fix a message!!!

Vehicle totally losses power and I can get over to the side and sit for a minute and it will crank easily and go again, but the problem continues.Can You help me?

So I have recently been having a lot of problems with my car. About a year ago my radio/navigation screen wouldnt work every now and again. My car was still running & I was fully able to drive it, but the screen wouldnt work & when I would push the power knob the Mercury symbol would show on the screen with the time & then it would go blank & stay that way. Sometimes it would start workin again while I was driving, other times it wouldnt start working again for days. Shortly after my 1st battery died & that didnt have that problem for about another year. And then it happened again where the screen wouldnt work and then a few weeks later my car wouldnt start because my battery had died. So I got another battery and went on vacation for 2 weeks & when I came back my battery was dead yet again. I didnt leave any lights on or anything. Im thinkin there might be some kind of drainage or maybe its the alternator if there is one. Can anyone help or has anyone else gone through this??
I also got some kind of flap on my electric motor replaced & it cost over $300 to fix. Has anyone had to do this & know whats the purpose of it? I feel like the I really got screwed over by the dealership.
Thanks All!!!!

How often should the fuel filter and fuel injection nozzles be cleaned by dealer. Can I do it myself?

The graphic has never shown that my car is in 4wd, it only shows the front tires illuminated. I have gotten stuck a couple of times, in my own drive when I was trying to make it go into 4wd. (it never did, had to be dug out). Does your back tires on the graphic light up?

How much does it cost to replace the bsttery that the car runs on when using electricity.Not the normal battery that is used to start the car. The one that sits in the back and is recharged when you brake and is used to power ther car in electric mode.

fwd has always worked normally. suddenly fwd when there was about an inch of snow signaled that it was deactivating. Car is almost useless without fwd. Replaced all tires at suggestion of dealer. Shortly after tires next storm caused exactly same deactivation. Dealer says fwd is deactivating because it is overheating and therefore working properly, and says computer reports no errors. BUT DEALER HAS NO EXPLANATION FOR WHY IT IS OVERHEATING NOR HOW TO FIX IT, (SINCE IT IS NOT BROKEN EVIDENTLY.) Could anyone who knows anything about such a situation let us know. Thanks.

My abs light...needs to be serviced followed by 4x4 needs to be serviced. What specifically does this mean? Is it still driveable and whay kind of cost could i be looking at approximately.