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Has been burning oil for past 2 yrs heavily now in last month has stopped and only 1 qt in over 1000 miles.
or do I have to change wires and coil as well, what is the proper way to change the spark plug and what tools do I need for my 1999 grand marquis mercury
changed fuel pump filter, egr. tps, idle air control, and ignition module
Air works great, but switches from vent to defrost when on steep upgrades then back to vent on flat roads. No misses, idles good, no smells.
Blown replaced it now car won't even turn over
the transmission shifts all 4 gears,but just don't accelerate...
Came on by itself. emptied washer resivour. Now nothing works but high speed wiper.
How can I get it out after thinking it wasn't a problem , I put my parts back together then cranked it then I heard a loud tapping noise , the car turned off on me after a few minutes of listening it. I tried to crank it again and had to give it gas to start it never had to do that before .
all fuels are good, battery is good. nothing will come on. no sound no nothing
cant find any listings for sunroofs
Turning the car on causes the wind shield wipers to come on and then they swipe about every 30 seconds after that.
Soon as I crank the car o/d like comes on and blinks
Im changing oil & need to know how many quarts it well take
To see if senser is bad
The abs light started flashing and then my car died. Had to get it towed. Charged the battery and put it in the shop the mechanic could not fine anything wrong. But 6hrs after picking my car up it happened again . Had to get it towed again.
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