Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Turn the engnition key to start and there is no noise of ant kind
What settings do it go on maybe I'm setting it wrong
My speedometer, oil temp and battery voltometer are not working, fuel gauge is working fine. Fuse number 13 is blown, but radio, lights and indicators are working fine. Is it safe to drive the car?
Is it easily accessible, or is it on bottom or another hard to get to place without putting it on a lift?
over ride to get into gear I have ck the fuse please help thank you
when i shift from 3rd to 4th(overdrive) tran slips like putting in neutral. i can start off in 4th but when i reach about 45mpg trans slips and i need to put back in 3rd. i have 89 merc grand marquis. ron56
speedometer still does not work, do you have a idea what may be the problem.
the air suspension warning light
I changed the sway bar, ball joints what am I missing
While driving down the interstate, the dashboard light went dim, the AC motor stopped working, and the car shut off and would not restart. Had the car towed to a dealer and was told the computer said it was EPR Valve? what would that have to do with a car losing electrical power. I would think alternator.
Stalling or straining when driving. I heard a backfire once but haven't heard it since. I noticed I have a oil leak in my valve cover gasket. What could be causing it to not drive properly? Also I hear a whining sound every once in a while. It also drives in reverse with no hesitation.
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