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I drove my car home from work was fine an hour later wouldnt start. I changed ignition switch, solenoid, coil, cut out wires with cracked insulation got power to coil but no spark coming out thats y i changed coil. wires in harness to module under dist. Cap were bare and touching so i checked fuses too

Going down road oil gauge went all the way down got home crank it plenty oil pressure then just goes back down little rattling cut it off refire same thing

Making a weird noise was driving thought it was a flat it wasn't tried to stop on brakes they wouldn't move because the tire wouldn't move it's stuck on the driver side .

When I'm riding down the road it will start Fallin on its face....Coms out of it after a bit or I hav to turn off and restart the car

I recently purchased a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis GS with only 55,496 miles on it. The lady who sold it to me is 86 and took herself off the road. It had a flat that I replaced but the front tie rod was hanging rubbing against the driveway. Is it the tie rod that holds that together?

Air works fine, when I want to make it warmer by raising the
Temperature it plows cold air

does the abs on my car cause a rumbling noise when you first start up the car. what part has to be replaced to correct this problem. noise just started 3 months ago

I have no turn signal or headlight so I disconnected the battery and charged it .
put the battery back in and car wont crank, checked and replaced fuses as needed.

Also are cruise switches supposed to illuminate?

The AC has been working without any problems until late a last week. It started to blow hot air instead of cold. I checked the compressor, and it's cycling just like it's suppose to. The lines are getting cold but no cold air. Was told that it's a switch under the dash and that the switch costs almost 400 bucks just by itself. I was waiting to know if that is the problem or is they're something cheaper I can do to fix it.

lights and gauges work clicking in relay box one of the relays feels hot

The car shifts perfect both at slow speeds and if i get on it. I thought it was torque converter, i went and bought parts to change it but mechanic said i was wasting my time that it just needed a tune up. Still doing the same thing just not as often. No slipping, fluid looks perfect, would a misfire cause that sort of noise??

I've heard this can be the break light switch ?

It won't turn over.
New fuel filter and pump

I own 1992 grand marquis. Time after time my engine performance is getting lower and the car fuel consumption gets up.. i cant keep up with speed even if i put my foot on pedal badly... i change fuel.. change TPS, change air cleaner and spark plugs.. cleaned the MAF with a cleaner but my performance remains the same :(

No matter what it will die when put into drive or either low gears but reverse and neutral are fine. Just out of the blue started doing this, this car was running great until this

The actuator you still working because when I run a self-diagnostic check I can see it open and close

The car began to make a whining noise when I accelerate, no noticeable noise when coasting in gear, and a winding down noise when I apply the brakes. After about a week of virtually no driving I had to drive 13 miles, sounded like something broke or fell off under car, some rattling noises, then began making clunking noise and felt jerky/locking up. No visual broken parts under car. Could it be the rear differential? What might be the most likely culprit, the place to begin my process of elimination?

Door will open from outside but not with handle on inside.

Cannot get driver door to open from inside. Will open from outside. Power locks/unlocks OK.

Tranny has a little kick only in first gear, but does not kick vary hard changes shifting solenoid and tranny oil filter and does the same..what can it be

the overdrive light flashes after driving fo a while and when i switch the car off and on again it stops flashing and get normal

I just bought a 03 grand marquis. So I decided to go on the express to get to my destination faster. When I got home I noticed that my rear tires were lifted. I turned off my car and they went back to normal. If I use it on the street nothing happens.

Need to move down the street.

I used a trans 1997 transmission out of a Mercury GrandMarquis and I put it in my 1993 Grand Marquis but the 1997 transmission has a wired connection and the 93 did not what do I need to do and also I used the 1997 Grand Grand Marquis computer

I drove my car a few blocks from home and when I stopped and removed my ignition key it was very hot to hold/touch?

There is supposed to be oil shooting up under the valve pan and it isn't

We drove down to Walmart in Boerne, TX and Wife said ride in our old 98 crown vic was better even though crown vic had 113, 000 miles compared to 58,000 on my 2002 Grand Marquis GS. Plus, if I come to a hard stop the GM shudders a bit. I know I need a good alignment job, too. I like to buy my parts at O'Reilly 1st, Thx KJ

I need to replace fuel filter

Does anyone know what causes this