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My dash is reading doors open and trunk open and low tire pressure I'm thinking it's a fuse do to the subs I had hooked up. All my doors are closed my trunk is closed and my tire pressure is good.
I changed the thermostat on my 1990 mercury grand marquis and now it wont start. Turns over but wont start. Any help please!
Comes and goes. When it is cooling it is really cold. Nice! Seems to be in controlling part of system. Poor function of "blend door"? Turning the ignition off and on will sometimes make the cooling start. Removing and replacing a battery cable has coaxed the cooling to start. What can I replace, repair or adjust? Car has new battery.
cruise control stopped working. passenger side window stopped working
The motor on this window was replaced a year ago and all I want to do for now is just get it up.
So just saying from the start here; "I may never want a fix as I had manual operation for my previous vehicle just so I wouldn't have to concern myself with such common failures today of sub-par electronic parts and switches now made in low-wage foreign 3rd world countries."

BUT! First I must let you all and any electro-wizard out there know about the annoying 'Static-Shock' I frequently receive and may I suggest (Duh) this is due to an improperly grounded circuit somewhere maybe related? I'm thinking in the trunk due to my over use of this massive storage bin. Maybe I've knocked a ground wire/harness loose.

What has anyone else found to be the common failed electro-bit that controls the 'One-Touch' window down, Remote Key Fob and Coded Key pad Door (un-)locking and Deck Lid remote door switch functions?
I currently have the driver's door panel removed and now I'm at a Full Stop as to how I proceed to deem which bit is fouled.

Thanks for any wizardry of crappy electronix mindful replies....
It never goes on when you start the car. The car is running fine aside from this problem.
Will not blow through other vents only floor and defrost windshield. Need help please
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
When I shift the car to R the doors lock automatically, but when I shift to P they won't unlock automatically. Why??
How long have you had this problem? Hadn't noticed it.
Dropped the evac canister under the tank and blew through it. Clear!
When I add air into the outlet hose off the canister I get some air pressure coming back out. Some air does come out the vent at the filler neck but it isn't clear. there is a restriction of some sort but the vent line except for some small pieces of hose is steel. Put som airtank pressure to it but didn't help.
Any other ideas besides dropping the tank and replacing everything.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Problem just started a week ago. Figured the stations evap hose was messed up.
Every so often my engine light starts flashing and the code reads misfire on cylinder 4, I remove the spark plug wire boot and there's water all around it and inside it, I dry it off, take the spark plug out, turn the car over to clear the cylinder of the water that is falling down in the cylinder from taking the spark plug out, clean it, dry it, put it back in, put the boot back on, clear the code and it's back to normal until it gets water back in it somehow?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's whenever water gets in it
How long have you had this problem? A few months
Loud bang when it fell, car was in forward motion (parking lot). Crawled to a parking spot, with that part dragging, still attached. Someone assisted by getting underneath and securing it with a random piece of wire for quick fix. Did not have to drive far, to get home. What is it and what to do?
How long have you had this problem? Just happened last night.
All of my lights go off then come on ,off again on again and so on. This problem started 9 days ago first it was the head lights and in cluster now it's all lights what is my problem how do I fix it
changed from airbags to shocks why?
How long have you had this problem? 24hours
want to know if they are on recall
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