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Going by my code reader Innova 3040e code p2197 came up.
Before this situation developed, the engine had a problem of hesitation. Now the engine light is on. I had it tested and changed spark plugs and fuel filter and filter for intake. I still had the problem. It sputters and spits with smell of gas.
Blower motor want work is there a recall on a.c. unit or blower motor or a problem that happens alot fuse not blown is it in the switch
If I press the button on top of the steering wheel in order to turn on the hazard lights, nothing happens. Both turn signals work. 1997 Grand Marquis
Only first gear shift hard every other gear shift fine
I have a recharging canister but can not figure out where to connect it on my 2004 grand marquis?
Car just won't start had battery checked no problem there and friend who knows about cars pretty good listen to my car says it appears to be the solenoid when I turn the key to start the engine you can hear a tick tick tick noise coming from the fuse compartment nothing is happening at all just the tick tick noise he believes the solenoid might need to be replaced what's your thoughts and where is it located on 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis LS
The Problem is that when i give accelerator to car the AC turn his blower to vent and when i leave the accelerator the the AC become normal. before it was normal but from few days its having this problem and the car radiator is also going on hot so can any one tell me what is the problem and how can i fix this problem.
just need to know if it behind the glove box or not, dealer won't tell me
2005 mercury grand marquisWhen i turn key airbag light is not light once cranked it gives 5 chimes pause then 5 more chimes 2005 mercury grand marquis while driving or parked it constantly chimes
just need to know the location so I might be able to replace this item myself
Re: 1999 Grand Marquis Engine revs do not drop when accelerator is released. Revs drop only after car is slowed down by braking. This occurs at all speeds. Otherwise engine starts and runs great.
the AC compressor clutch does not engage when I turn the AC on, could it be as simple as a blown fuse? If the clutch is bad does the whole compressor need to be replaced?
The sun roof opens and closes, however there is a plastic part that that was loose got caught when I opened it and I tried fixing. it is now inside the roof and the slider was loose and I had to take it out.
Just want to know how many Cadillac converter’s are in my vehicle
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