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Both hoses to the heater are hot but does not get through heater. Local ford ajency took me for a ride "*$800"with no results.Can it be fixed?
When I am stopped at a red light or stop sign. Or even just in park at my home. With the A/C on my idle nearly dies. When I shut the A/C off. The car idles okay. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you, Darrell Carr
Lake City, Fl
It sat for 3 months with no battery in it ran fine when parked but now won't start
have to stay with the car on the gas for a bit before i can leave it alone or it will die.It also has an issue with the motor shaking when its cold but once u drive for awhile and it warms up it smooths out
Heater box and core are hot but blows cold air
water and debris in oil, white smoke, runs a short distance but overheats and shuts down, when strating sometimes it sounds as if its a slow start
Chime location

Happens every time i drive it.
they will blink and then stop and start back up again.
Both work just not LIKE THEY SHOULD
Rides for a mile or so just put an engine in 4 months ago
It acts like it goes into neutral and back to drive no noise but just the loss of movement. It will happen every few min that I'm driving. It is now doing it more frequently.
So I have what I believe is refereed to as a “rough idle” on my 2003 Grand Marquis. While in my car at stop lights it kind of sounds as if one of the cars around me is bumping their base really loud. In fact for a while I thought that's what it was. I guess I would also say it sounds like if you were to lightly roll your tongue with your mouth closed. It doesn't feel like the car is about to stall or just sounds...weird. The 2 main things I think are worth noting are that when the car is in motion it seems to run fine. Acceleration is great and all that. However at stop signs and traffic light it sounds rough. Which brings me to the 2nd thing I think is worth noting. It only does it when it's in drive or reverse. If I put it in park or neutral it idles fine.

Within the last 500 miles I have changed the air filter, cleaned the mass air flow sensor, and changed the fuel filter. This was all kind of a “screw it, let's just do all this other crap while I'm at it” weekend. To be honest I can't nail down exactly when this weird sound started. One reason for that is the blower motor resistor had been broken on my car for several months. So when I was driving it the AC would pretty much always be on full blast. The constant extra noise made it hard to keep an ear out for trouble. This includes ruining a couple rotors. Since I replaced the blower resistor and replaced all the brakes and rotors it's really highlighted the crummy idle :/ Go figure right? Any ideas?
Started car fine to move and mow grass. After putting car in park letting it idle . A minute into idling the car cut completely off, no power,no lights no nothing. Battery is at 12.6. And I have power going in and out of the power supply distribution fuse/relay box.. what should I be checking next? Ignition or what.Please help
2008 mercury marquis / i have a new battery, professional installed.... driving car down road at 35mph, radio stopped, lost indication on dash board, blower for air stopped, temperature indicator stopped..... at this point car did nothing when ignition was turned acted as though it wasn't getting gas ? Had to tow
On the 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis: Need the location and diagram the all Fuel relays. Does is have a Fuel relay under the vehicle by the frame as I was told be a Pep-Boys Tech?

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