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changed fuel pump filter, egr. tps, idle air control, and ignition module

Air works great, but switches from vent to defrost when on steep upgrades then back to vent on flat roads. No misses, idles good, no smells.

Blown replaced it now car won't even turn over

the transmission shifts all 4 gears,but just don't accelerate...

Came on by itself. emptied washer resivour. Now nothing works but high speed wiper.

How can I get it out after thinking it wasn't a problem , I put my parts back together then cranked it then I heard a loud tapping noise , the car turned off on me after a few minutes of listening it. I tried to crank it again and had to give it gas to start it never had to do that before .

all fuels are good, battery is good. nothing will come on. no sound no nothing

cant find any listings for sunroofs

Turning the car on causes the wind shield wipers to come on and then they swipe about every 30 seconds after that.

Soon as I crank the car o/d like comes on and blinks

Im changing oil & need to know how many quarts it well take

To see if senser is bad

The abs light started flashing and then my car died. Had to get it towed. Charged the battery and put it in the shop the mechanic could not fine anything wrong. But 6hrs after picking my car up it happened again . Had to get it towed again.

Arm is always bobbing up & down when in gear getting faster as u go faster

how do I change the spark plugs and does it have spark plug wires

When I pull the wiper lever forward the high beams go on, but don't stay on.

first thing this AM start car AC came on and then went out the Power Steering got tight then AC comes back on and steering and air returns to normal then repeats.

System is an automatic. Does not blow at all on w/o or heater. I checked the fuse. Do not know how to verify modules viability. Could module be the issue.
How many miles should I go before changing my timing belt or chain

Has happened two times this week.
Strange smell outside of the car after the car is parked.

Anysettings needed

I've been trying to remove the ignition tumbler for a hours n it won't budge

Replaced bend door actuator..blower motor fine ..replaced blower motor resistor...Very slight cooler air in the mix of hot....only blowin from top..not the vents ....Im at a loss...Any suggestions? Thank you.....Joe

My doors are locking and unlocking just fine, but none of the doors will open. When I pull the handles they do not seem to engage the lever that pulls the latch to allow the doors to open.

The issue came on suddenly. I've had no previous issues. I have tried locking and unlocking with the remote as well as physically with the key. The lock buttons go up and down and appear to be all working as expected. It is only the doors themselves that the pull handles on ALL 4 DOORS simply do not unlatch.

No power to pump

The lines get real cold like they should, the fan works, and the blend door switch has been changed

We bought this 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis in 2007. It only had 19,000 on when we bought it. In 2010 was the first time the A/C went out. Had it repaired for around $300 + . In 2011, it went out again and was told that by my mechanic that they would put dye in to see what was going on. The dye started to leak out and I took it back and they supposedly fixed the leak and that fix lasted for approx. 3 years and that cost was around $300 plus again.. In 2014 the A/C went out again. This time I took it to a dealership and was told that the condenser needed to be replaced. That was going to be around $800 including labor. I did take it to another mechanic here in town and they did a diagnostic on it and quoted me around $1100.00 to fix it. (They had to take all the Freon out to do the diagnostic) I could not afford that. Now here in 2016 the heater blower motor went out and they told me that it would cost around $180 to fix it BUT without the A/C being fixed it wouldn't be able to defrost the windows.
I LOVE this car.....but I have been without A/C since 2014 and now with winter coming on and the heater blower motor gone, I'm not sure how much heat I am going to have and if it will help heat my car. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and need help as I cannot afford to buy a different car. What is going on with the A/C unit in this car? And what are your suggestions to resolve this issue?

I was driving when the car stopped replaced alternator but still won't crank just makes a click noise never had problems before that

how to set change oil light to 5000 miles

how to reset oil change reminder to 5000 miles