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I changed my blend door actuator on a 2005 grand marquis, because a gear was stripped. Now it still does not heat or cool right and eatc diagnostic reads error code 024. I deleted error codes with defrost button and ran it again. Same 024 error pops up.
Any ideas what else i could do?
What needs to be done to my car a 2004 mercury grand marquis LS at 145,000 mipes
I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis with exterior lights on the passenger doors. Over the years they have broken, I have done research into finding replacements but do not know what the part is called.
Was driving my 06 marquiz when the heat turned off and on by itself. Also the wipers only work on high mode. Not sure if it is electrical or what is it
Fuse what number fuse is it
I have a 2008 Mercury marquis and the door lock buttons, trunk lid button and remote do not work.
They will work intermittently. Is it the actuator, module or a short?
I have an 2008 Grand Marqui LS 4.6L flex fuel vehicle
Engine code P0128 was diagnosed.
I am trying to find a clear diagrahm or picture. Of where the ECT coolant sensor is located on the motor.
There's a red wire gray with red line has me stuck don't know what connects to gray black two whites
When ITurn on AC and I get heat. If I disconnect negative cable then wait then reconnect the AC will work again
Sometimes my keyless pad and pop trunk button will work and sometimes it wont
Battery is fine it tries to start but it will not engage
Locked the car today while running and have buttons on the doors to unlock the car but need to know where to find the combination and I am the original owner
I tried pulling the high beam switch on and is still not working
2000 grand marquie
I have a 2001 mercury grand marquis,i have changed the blower motor and i still dont have any air flow. I also checked my fuses and they are all good
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