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Just got new plugs, wires, and they said fixed rubber on all vacuums? Oh and new master air sensor...
He gave it a tune up and says he fixed vacuum leakes?? Now it iduls low?? Help please
i am thinking of buying a 96 cougar that needs wiring help brake lights radio lighter trunk pop don't work i know i can fix it just want toknow ifthey are know for this problem
the bolt for the shock or strut that is on the passenger side won't come off. What do I need to do? Please HELP..... Thanks so much
have re placed the egr valve , fuel filter, mass air flow is reading codes po174 po300 po305 po306
and replaced fan, fan doesnt seen to be working but was at first
sounds like rear suspension if loose, (checked is not loose).
anyone know where the pcv valve is located on a 2001 cougar 2L engine

all the fuses,lights,relays and switch have been checked and or replaced. still does not work. but the hazards,headlights,brake lights,running lights,and backup lights work. and hazards flash in the dash but blinkers don't.
Its having trouble starting, very difficult to start. And when it does start, it has trouble staying on. It will stay on for a minute or two tops, then the egine will start sputting then die out. I already changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, and then finally the mass airflow sensor but none of them seemed to fix the problem, what else could be the problem?
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