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It cuts on and off do not need it , please help,

I just bought this about a week ago and all it has been is problems. First my tranny fluid was leaking, and I brought it to the mechanic I bought it from and he said he couldn't find a leak and that he spilt some fluid when he changed the tranny fluid before he sold it to me. Well I did my own research on online and found out that if your vent hose is pinched or crushed your tranny fluid will leak. Mine was crushed under my battery and I fixed it, now my tranny fluid is not leaking. But my check engine light came on??? Also when my tranny fluid was leaking my automatic transaxle warning light came on while I was driving, once I got home I parked it and didn't drive it anymore until the brought it to the mechanic, but when I drove it to the mechanic the light was no longer on?

Starting up the car is fine. It is when I'm coming to a stop and then pressing the gas to go when I get a sputter then it stops. When I crank it up it won't start, until I put the car in neutral and move the car off the road, that when I start it up and the car comes on.

they also removed only 1 spark plug....

I just need to take the inner door part on the driver side door and I can't find what screws i need to un-screw to take off the inner panel

I changed all 4 calipers new pads and rotors all the way around took it around the block and the same two brakes front driver and rear passenger locked up again. I was wondering is anyone knows if this year cougar 1994 4.6L has a cross directional brake system like some older caddilacs and i might have a master cylinder or proptioning valve of maby the ABS unit ? Right now there are no ABS or brake lights on. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Key cylinder will start the car but wont allow me to shut it off.

is there an other control module that controls the charging, digital gauges, the fan motor and turn signals ?
the headlights , hazard lights work.

The check brake light comes on. Not sure if it means the E-brake but can't find a switch or button. This happened once before and a friend fixed it but don't know what they did. Think it was a button or switch under the dash? Tried pushing the e-brake and letting it out. Didn't do anything...........

Won't shift passed second gear

the car doesnt make a noise when i do this, or vibrate. when i rev the engine, it just barley moves forward. the clutch is adjustable but im wondering if i have to replace the clutch or fix it by adjussting it

The clutch is shot and the check engine light is on....
problem is constant....


I don't no if i left something eletrical on in my car but the steering wheel would lock, in when i go to unlock it in start the ignition the car it will not start.

check and add oil continuously, leaks from front of car

new coil, cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel filter,fuses. Still wont start. need instructions for ecm test and timing chain test.

Both quit working at the same time.

If I remove the door lock and have key made to fit and then programmed after for the car will this work? and if so I could use some directions to remove the lock cylinder in the drivers door

No spark comming out of coil.I did replace the coil.

When changing the crankshaft and camshaft sensors is it necessary to time the engine before it will start? My engine still wont start.

They broke my sway bar link and hub when fixing control arms And they charged me for them.The shop said they would do the work free if I bought the parts and then says he did not say that when I went to get my car he tried to grab my keys out of my hand and wasn't gna let me leave he had his worker pull all 4valve stems out of my tires and his friends hanging there were saying rude things.After we finally squared up he dropped the bill 150$.but he did nit have my vin #off my car till afterhe pulled the valve stems he had the wrong year to my car did not have my name on the invoice.He charged me the same price to put the control arms in that I paid for the parts.He is not a certified mechanic should he if been doing this woRk tho my car aNd lastly my car wouldnt start the day after I got it back and it sat for 8 months till I could afford to have it fixed I hust got it back 2weeks ago I started driving it and I was cheating this popping noise and u could feel it on the passenger floor board so I took it to les Schwab and they informed me that the bushings to the sub frame were nit tightened so I come home and looked in my manuel and u have to lower the sub frame when repairing the ctrl arms and bearing and sway bar link so this tells me that they did not tighten my sub frame after they fixed there screw up I put a total of 116 miles on it after the repairs after taken it into a good shop they found the driver side sway bar link was broke so im wondering if they put a broke part on my car what makes me think this is because they broke passenger side sway bar link And they did both control arms.Thank you Kathy

new: battery,alt.,starter,ignition module,all relays in engine compartment( battery starter alt.,fuse link wire);locksmith confirmed the (PATS)is working

I know the Distributor mounted TFI causes this, But the TFI is mounted on the radiator on the 1988. What can cause this problem?