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The car will start and run fine. But when i went to take it out of park. and start to drive, it wont move at all. Now i have no problem shifting from park, reverse, neutral, drive, 2nd and 1st. The only gear the car will move in is in reverse! I checked the fluid level and it was actually low , and it doesn't smell burnt on the dip stick. Also I've add two quarts of tranny fluid in it and i still cant get the car to move forward at all. I bought the car as is for really nothing but dont really want to put alot of money into the car either. What should i be seeking out first cause i dont know where to start at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Went to start it a few days ago and it just clicked like the battery was dead. After several tries it started right up. After stopping to pick up a few things, I noticed the volt meter was jumping up and down but not like it does when something is turned on or off. Then it just died. Ater a minute or two it started again and was fine again. Have c leaned or replaced all connections. battery and alternater test normal. Still have needle jumping around erratically
Any ideas would be helpfull..

the car has 68k on it. I bought it from police impound. it had sat at least ten years. it has allways ran lean and wouldn't turn over 3100 rpm. I have replaced the pressure regulator, the pump , and the filter twice. car has never been wrecked. lines not pinched. I'm thinking the injectors are clogged. is this a possibility? if so can I rebuild them?
My car is a 1986 but I did not see that year as an option but I will appreciate your help thank you
it looks like a fan or a snowflake
My uncle has a 1995 Mercury Cougar xr7 with a V8 engine... recently shes been stalling out on us and refusing to start...Sometimes when we stop to turn she wont accelerate, we have hooked the car up to a computer that is supposed to diagnose the problem and it showed that it was the mass airflow sensor so we replaced it, then it showed that the EGR sensor was the problem so we replaced that but shes only gotten worse and we can't figure out what the problem is....Has anyone else suffered these problems?
oil pressure above normal. there is a leak in exhuast near the manifold on the engine. transmission is not shifting correctly but is still shifting. the engine is new.
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