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The front lamp (headlight) shields (covers) are dirty on the inside and limits the candle power of the shining beams.

The power seats (both) on my motorhome are not working. I was told circuit breaker needed to be replaced its 25amp. Bought circuit breaker at autozone however they did not have 25amp so i got 30amp. Installed it and it would click on and off intermittently and get very hot. I removed 30amp and reinstalled the 25amp. Have been without power seats for long time now as its hard to get anyone to work on it. Its been driving me crazy because i know i have a short and cannot find it. Looked up under the seat and there are alot of wires. There are two that go down through floor one red and i am assuming they are the wires i need to be concerned with. Whatever the problem is effects both seats. Thought maybe wire got caught on tract and got pinched or something. Does not seem to be the case as i looked under seat and inspected wires as much as i could see. I did notice that when fooling with buttons i could get seat to move a little for a very short time then nothing. Are circuit breakers and fuses both considered to be the same??

cranks but doesn't start weak spark

I accidentally abused the automotive cigar lighter in my car (held it in all the way for a while until it got white hot) and the next day it didn't work. Any ideas?

how to remove egr valve step by step 4.6 v8

I had the transmission rebuilt about a year ago and now the transmission is slipping and isnt wanting to shift from 1st to 2nd. what else could cause this problem or is it the transmission itself needs rebuilt again.

while idleing my gauge cluster lights pulsate (dim then brighten to normal (this process repeats itself)). It's a distributorless ignition system. The components are as follows- PCM, CKP, CKP trigger wheel, and coil pack. I'm unsure can we narrow it down it's probably the alternator regulator but maybe just the coil pack

Had my '99 Cougar painted recently, and the rear windshield wiper was reinstalled incorrectly and I don't want to go back to them. Do I have to go through the trunk to fix it? If so, how do I remove that protective covering?

The fuse box has burned up twice. The red wire on a plug that connects to the bottom of the fuse box keeps heating and burning the fuse box. This is a plug that also has an orange wire that connects to a plug in for an anylyzer hook up. It has something to do with the A/C and blower motor. When A/C is running the wire heats up. This has been checked by the dealership and also two independent shops but they can't find anything. Does anyone have an answer?


I need to replace the airbags on the passenger and drivers sides.


alt overcharged ,blew up battery , battery & alt has been replaced , abs, brake & air bags lights want go off &interior lights want work .it blows fuse when I replace fuse for interior lights , I know I have a wire gounding somewheres but cant find it

cant get out of park

what is the best gas to use for a 1999 mercury cougar with a v6engine

s it possible to replace a rack and pinion with manual steering? Would it be difficult?

Turn over key and nothing happens, No noise no nothing. What could that be?

THere is a weird plug on the back of the engine, against the firewall, over the exhaust, that is leaking. what is this plug? it is a big hex key. it is smoking really bad.

I have replaced the ignition coil, cams shaft senor and crank shaft sensor. It tries to crank but will not turn over.

I replaced the TSS sensor and engine speed control sensor check engine light went out but when i put in gear car wont move till i rev it to 3 or 4 grand. ABS and O/D lights flash on dash. A PCV valve hose is leaking and clogged bad. Would that affect the ABS System?

so i used to fill up with gas every other week for 20 bucks and now i am paying 20 bucks every other day!!!!!
and under the hood is smoking every so often... what should i do??
i dont know a lot about cars and i dont want to spend a ton of money to get the car checked for what it doesnt need to be checked for...

Why my cougar 1999 is overheating if the water pump and fans works properly, it doesn't have thermostat, radiator is clean. Also when the temp. gets half way the water gets out of the water container and the cap is new

do not know diagnostic code, how often, just bought it fromna private party and the digital speedmoeter does not work
need to get it fixed but do not know where to start.

Hi. I replaced my rack and pinion in my 99 cougar and afterwords found out that you don't want the steering column to move when disconnected. Evidently it did because only after the rack and pinion replacement the air bag light flashes, cruise and horn don't work. can you help me narrow it down? The I checked all fuses, circuit brakers, and even the inside of the relays 3 times and they all checked out. Sorry I don't have a code but if you've ever ran into this identical problem before then you more than likely know the problem/solution.

the car was running but there was no accelaration or power and it did not hesitation now after shutting the engine off it wont start--there is spark/compression/fuel pressure/

I've been able to find replacement ICM's for this car, from $80 - $230, but I don't have a clue where to find it on the car. Anyone know (please be very specific)? Note this is the V6.

when driving it acts like its missfiring

Rubbing/scrubbing sound @ left tire, esp when wheel is turned.

blinkers, power locks and windows stopped working. I'm not sure what the problems is, let alone how much it should cost to repair.

one day i went to lock my car doors with the remote key. It locked my passanger door and trunk in place (now the door and trunk cant open; not even with a key) The remote key no longe works. I have no idea what happened.

I have replaced all blinker bulbs and checked all fuses that seem all good. Now the problem has gone from intermittent to failure,and I have no blinkers or hazard lights at all.

repair electric operated window