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the seat belt sound comes on everytime i start the car. i do i disconnect the noise. is there a fuse i can unplug. it sounds like it is coming from the glove box. is the disconnection in there

The dashboard clock resets to 12:00 intermittently.
ometimes it will hold the time for several days, other times
could be while driving or starting

Last night I was driving and hit a pot hole or a bump, when I went to brake my car was wobbling a little bit after that it did okay when i was leaving my house today it made a cranking noise when i turned the wheel then made a weird cranking noise and stopped moving i shut the car off then turned it back on and the same thing happened, I put it in reverse and pulled it back in my spot luckily i was on a hill so it rolled back into place i shut my car off and popped the hood, then the car by itself started rolling backwards luckily i hopped in the drivers seat and pulled the emergency brake in toime befpre it hit my dads truck, does anybody have any ideas as to what it is?

how do u remove the bolts on the pass side upper control arm by the ac cantister

what is the approximate cost of new brake pads for 2001 mercury cougar?

need some help car wont start keys wont program anyway around anti theft

my car is the best car i ever owned three years no probs then go to start it battery is dead change the battery tryed to start it wants to turn over kicks like its going to but still doesnt start im not a mcanic any advice


rear passenger wheel is leaning out and is ruining my tire

how to put headlight assembly in to the header panel after you replaced header panel dont understand the black plastic pieces on the threaded studs

What would cause my transaxle malfunction warning lite to come on?

i have a 1999 ford mercury mazda. ok im having a problem identifying, what tranny is in my car. It is a v-6 2.5. what manufactors do i look this info up under?

I have a 1999 mercury cougar and I am trying to locate the transmission model number.

I have motor mounts that need to be installed. What will it cost

The Tachometer stays at about 3100 and does not move an inch, until I turn off the car. I assume it is just stuck, since the engine is not idling high. What would make it stick?

i have a 2000 mercury cougar. and if i let it stay runnin for a while i lose power to every thang at once and the car will die..after it quits it qill not start it acts the the battery is dead waht should i try..

Car keeps overheating.

Hey guys i'm going to replace the alternator on my 99 cougar 2.5 and I wanna know if a 100 psi air compressor will be strong enough to take the lug nuts off and bolts to the alternator off. Anybody? It has 1/3 horsepower running, 1.0 SCFM @ 40psi and 0.6 SCFM @ 90 psi. Please help.

I have a 1990 Cougar with 115,000 miles. the windshield wipers stop working. You can hear the wiper motor when you turn them on but they do not move. All suggestion welcome.

I cannot shift from 1 to 2 but if I put the car in 2nd before I start it I can go to 3,4 but if I have to stop it will not gear down. It will go into neutral only. I have to stop the car again and put it in 2nd and start again.

My turn signal lamps all worked fine until my car told me my left blinker was out. It flashes really fast all the time to tell me it's out but the fuse and bulb are fine. I went to an Auto Parts store to see if they could possibly find something that could fix the problem and they gave me a $10 758 Heavy Duty Electronic flasher. It looks like a little black box with prongs on it to plug it in somewhere but I can't find where. I checked the fuse box under the hood but there isn't a place to plug it in? So where does it go?

2001 Mercury Cougar 4CYL 2.0L - Already changed the thermostat and gasket but still have a leak, I think it may be the thermostat housing. Do I have to go to the dealership to to get a new one or do they carry them at an auto parts store? How easy is it to change? I think I saw 2 bolts holding the old one in, is that all I need in order to switch them out?

where is starter solenoid located on 1994 mercury couger xr 7

gear shift lever stuck in park where is the emergency release button

The dealer has recommended 3 repairs for my 1996 Mercury Cougar: Cluster Bulb replacement; Oil Filter Adapter Gasket replacement, and Lower Ball Joint replacement. He has quoted me a price of over $650. Is this a fair estimate for all the repairs? Can you give me an estimate for labor costs for each repair?

On a 1999 Mercury Cougar V-6 whats the likelyhood I'll be ably to replace the alternator without having to remove the halfshaft and exhaust y-pipe?

Hello I have had heat on 4 and it worked like that for over a year..Well I got in and now i have no heat at all So i bought a heat resitor well that didnt work..Had my blower motor checked and it was fine..Now trying to find where is the switch is located at any ideas? I did check the fuses...and relays..I got to work late tonight and its getting to cold for no heat.. Also there seems to be no power going to the heat resisitor... Please help this Girl out!! The power goes to the heat control switch but then there is no power going out to the resistor.

I flushed the cooling system and ran the engine in idle for a few minutes and noticed alot of oil in the recovery. Also the upper radiator hose is bulging. Obviously, a blown head gasket.I would like to know the easiest way to do this without removing everything on the engine.(the fuel lines I understand)

How do I locate a leak from a blown head gasket?

how do I put a new engage button in shifter console