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There is more than 2 wires
If memory serves me right they said it was the hydro carbons and that it barely failed. They told me to add a fuel additive and bring it back but it didn't pass again but it was closer. The car had been sitting in a garage and almost never used for the past few years. The shop said I should get the spark plugs changed and that would possibly allow it to pass. Does this sound right? Anything else I should try? I could add diagnostic stuff later I just don't have it right now.
91 mercury capri starts and idles smooth but spontaneously dies while driving. Could these be a tranny sensor or solenoid? Inertia switch? Intake? Computer not giving codes
Hoked battery up backwards.then replaced main fuse. When you put key in run position and the check engine light comes on, it wil start. Turn off and turn key back to run and light doent come on and no start. The car will only start once every 6-8hrs. When it starts, you can drive anywhere as long as you don't shut it off. What could cause this?
need to replace the 100 amp fuse for alternator and cannot find location of said fuse....have looked all over engine compartment
first gear shifter arm came loose, broken, couldn't shift. when car was towed and rolled off tow truck I think that clutch was not engaged because now something underneath, attached to shifter is also broke. what could it be, is it serious where I will need an entire transmission? or just some rods
1991 mecury capric keeps shutting down. has a new fuel pump and ignition modual , runs a minute or so then stalls out again. wait awhile and it starts up and shuts off
1992 Mercury Capri Automatic Transmission, naturally aspirated, 1.6
have changed the belt and battery and still has the same problem, sometimes the light is dim.
when you pull off the plug wires while its running the first and second have no effect the third and fourth make it stall, there is spark to all cyliunders and good compression, also getting fuel, any help please
when the car is in gear it starts moving but the transmission will not shift
My car starts but dies immediately once I release the ignition switch
can u bring it forward a little to close gap?
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