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The power doesn't dim at all which makes me doubt an alternator issue. So what else could it be please.
fuel filter need replacing what size
only blows cold air even when engine is warm. Turning temp gauge up does not solve problem
Both hoses to the heater are hot but does not get through heater. Local ford ajency took me for a ride "*$800"with no results.Can it be fixed?
When I am stopped at a red light or stop sign. Or even just in park at my home. With the A/C on my idle nearly dies. When I shut the A/C off. The car idles okay. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you, Darrell Carr
Lake City, Fl
It sat for 3 months with no battery in it ran fine when parked but now won't start
have to stay with the car on the gas for a bit before i can leave it alone or it will die.It also has an issue with the motor shaking when its cold but once u drive for awhile and it warms up it smooths out
Not hearing any noises I just want to be able to check my transmission fluid
side sliding doors don't open or close with none of the switches.
cannot see mile on car usto be only when lights were off but now all the time
Heater box and core are hot but blows cold air
water and debris in oil, white smoke, runs a short distance but overheats and shuts down, when strating sometimes it sounds as if its a slow start
Chime location

ondash next to mirror swich, has a blue light on it
Happens every time i drive it.
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