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Every time I hit the unlock mechanism it will unlock for a second and then lock right back
Started car fine to move and mow grass. After putting car in park letting it idle . A minute into idling the car cut completely off, no power,no lights no nothing. Battery is at 12.6. And I have power going in and out of the power supply distribution fuse/relay box.. what should I be checking next? Ignition or what.Please help
2008 mercury marquis / i have a new battery, professional installed.... driving car down road at 35mph, radio stopped, lost indication on dash board, blower for air stopped, temperature indicator stopped..... at this point car did nothing when ignition was turned acted as though it wasn't getting gas ? Had to tow
I'm not getting an power at all what would that be an what would make it do it keeps blowing fuse to
On the 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis: Need the location and diagram the all Fuel relays. Does is have a Fuel relay under the vehicle by the frame as I was told be a Pep-Boys Tech?

My dash is reading doors open and trunk open and low tire pressure I'm thinking it's a fuse do to the subs I had hooked up. All my doors are closed my trunk is closed and my tire pressure is good.
I have a 2001 mountaineer and the power door locks keep cycling or clicking, when the car is off, thus draining my battery. I have used a multimeter to check the amperage drain on the battery. When I remove the fuse for the door locks, the drain is gone. When I replace the fuse, the door locks start clicking again and producing a drain on the battery. The only way to prevent the drain is to remove the negative battery cable. The battery with the negative cable removed is 13.? volts. I have tried removing the batteries from my keyless remotes. No change in the problem.. What else can I check to get the power door locks to quit draining my battery???
The four wires on top of ignition coil pulled out of the plug and I can't find the diagram anywhere on the web 3 red one with blue stripe one with green and one with white. The fourth is blue with green stripe.
will a 2006 mercury mainer back window fit a 2007 mercury mainer
Having trouble starting my car, I put the key in the ignition I turn it but the car won't start, everything else works, like the radio, the windows the air conditioning, but it just won't start?
The lights that illuminate the mph, rmps, temperature are light only on half of the dash panel. Also the climate control knobs are not illumating anymore. Can you tell me the location of the box? What are they labeled as? Are they 10 amp or 15 amp? I'm assuming it's under the dashboard.
When I'm running the air in my 2006 Mercury Monterey the driver side is blowing hot temperature control set at 60 the passenger side said it 60 blows ice cold and the back blows ice cold so only the driver side is blowing hot when the temperature set at 60 on AC
I changed the thermostat on my 1990 mercury grand marquis and now it wont start. Turns over but wont start. Any help please!
Comes and goes. When it is cooling it is really cold. Nice! Seems to be in controlling part of system. Poor function of "blend door"? Turning the ignition off and on will sometimes make the cooling start. Removing and replacing a battery cable has coaxed the cooling to start. What can I replace, repair or adjust? Car has new battery.
trans cable is broke
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