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After i ran out of gas it will not stay running.
I had a friend put a checker thing on it and the read outs were P0316, P1386, P2195

It started with my radiator fan burned out. Had it replaced along with the coolant temp. sensor. Brand new fan has stopped working . had the van put on machine and codes are P0325 knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction and P0440 which was gas cap. could it be something else or is that"s what causing the fan not to work. when driving it acts like the fuel filter could be clogged. not all the time though. also a little sluggish in changing gears and getting up speed. once it changes all gears it is ok. please help

Is the fuel pump located above the fuel tank, or in the fuel tank?

gear shift was stuck in park; checked brake lights ? Brake lights working.
Attempted to move gear shift into drive
position; Gear shift handle broke off
from steering column; gear shift now
dangling / hanging downwards.

how to set change oil light to 5000 miles

how to reset oil change reminder to 5000 miles

When im driving my 2001 mercury sable it will not shift into overdrive and it runs at 4500rpms without shifting

need price to r&r transfer case

I have went into my brake pedal and look to see if the plug was broken it is not I disassembled it reassembled it and it's still not working also this is the third time which occurred and I need to figure out what the problem is before me and my children are stranded once again

Can't find the thermostat housing

I have to replace my thermostat and need to know if I have to heat it before putting it in

The heater runs non-stop when the car is on. We can't even change to ac. If we turn of heater the blower is still on.

Reason replace column lost keys cheaper to replace column

have to put car in neutral to prevent stalling at lights

Just wanting to know all the reasons a fuel pump reset trips. car would not start, so I changed fuel pump. but still wouldn't start. someone told me about reset in trunk. checked and it was tripped. I reset it and it started.just wanting to know if that could of happened from a bad fuel pump? Or did I waste my money on a pump?

won't go up or down

repair power window. driver side window

air just coming out of vents, ac or heat I can hear the blend door working digital control system I ran for codes all 8.s I'm thinking vacuum leak somewhere maybe is there any modules ?????? help

a/c wont turn off even when turned to heat mode and is causing car to over heat

I got this car back in January she runs a little rough during idle and in park so I took a scan tool to it and it came up with PO401 I looked up the code and it said egr problem I tested the egr it was stuck open so I replaced it then I erased the code and a month later it came back same code so I looked at the hoses and tubes they all seemed fine I decided after that to look at all data and Mitchell and go to find out this vehicle comes with a dpfe now my problem is I can't find it I've looked on the firewall and the engine but I saw no resemblance of what I was looking for I could use a bit of help

starts normally but then dies

It has happen twice now

No codes show up on computer.

We had a snow storm and 4x4 engaged fine. Has been in 4x4 ever since.

Just on defrost setting and fan on high

I never use speed control so I dont think thats it. Could it be what controlls gas flow or idle air by pass valve in 1999 car. When first cranked drove sluggish.

Why does it happen in this vehicle is it electrical an transmission or what help please call me at 9282051979

Book and videos say it's on the back side of driver side valve cover. There is a hose coming off there but it is coupled to a pipe.

car will start but wont go into gear. wont drive or reverse

Six months ago clock would not reset. I brought it in and they said they had to update the software and changed it for me. It is now doing the same thing again with the time change I cannot reset it. Trying to avoid bringing it in overnight to have it fixed.