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While driving, the instruments suddenly die momentarily and then come back on--also the radio. The car runs fine and smoothly--starts well. The check engine light DID NOT come on. This happened abruptly (this morning--Jul 1). We took it to two mechanics (dealer, and private mechanic we trust) and both said it was an "electrical problem" and may involve the instrument cluster. They did not think it was the alternator or the computer. How much could this repair cost be if they are correct? And what else (hopefully simple) could it be?

Additionally, the RAM on the computer and the alternator were recently replaced.

Has power. All dash lights come on, radio a/c. Engine doesn't turn over.

Soon as I crank the car o/d like comes on and blinks

The manual says after three cold cycles the light should go off it's been six cold cycles and it's still on. Now the check engine light is on and neither will go off. Auto zone says it's the gas cap I've bought a new one and still the same results. Had the truck for under a week bought as is. What can I do??

I put it in park, had my foot on the brake, and the emergency brakes on. I tried with other options, brake on / brake off, in park / in drive, Emergency brake on/off.

Transmission seems as if it tries to slip when shifting into 2nd. Owner says that the fluid and filter has never been changed, at least in the last 100,000 miles. Wandering if the fluid and filter could be the possible cause or if there are any known similar issues for this model?

I am getting a Check Brake System warning. Fluids are full and ABS is good according to owner who had it checked recently and was told it was a speed sensor. Need to know a way to check the sensor and a way, if any, to know which wheel the bad sensor is located on.

Im changing oil & need to know how many quarts it well take

To see if senser is bad

The abs light started flashing and then my car died. Had to get it towed. Charged the battery and put it in the shop the mechanic could not fine anything wrong. But 6hrs after picking my car up it happened again . Had to get it towed again.

Arm is always bobbing up & down when in gear getting faster as u go faster

High beam right headlight?

How to fix this problem?

Had an oil change. Drove car home. No prior issues. Tried to start car today and it was making a clicking noise. It has to be jumped now to be started. What could have happened?

replace the master cycl bleed the brakes an master cyl an the the brake pedel goes straight to the floor

I tried checking the starter solenoid it's okay. I checked the switch and I get power to the starter relay.all that's okay. I'm not getting power the stater solenoid from the fuse box. I checked all the fuses and relays everything is good. Could the pcm or the cpu cause the starter not to work

Has been working perfect. Went to go somewhere and would not go into any gear

the unit clicks when operated and returns when the steering wheel is straight but no blinking lights

how do I change the spark plugs and does it have spark plug wires

When I pull the wiper lever forward the high beams go on, but don't stay on.

when starting off from dead stop seams rpm revving up higher than speed of car. started 2 weeks ago. have had car for 2 years only does it when outside tempter is above 90 hot.

I have already changed the battery in the fob and even bought a new fob. The car locks and unlocks and acts like it is synced but then nothing...

Dimmer switch was checked. If it is a fuse what would it be listed under? Since the rest of the instrument panel is lit. Can this be a bulb? Radio does work. Ty

sometimes anti theft lights and horn activate and key won't turn...BIG PROBLEMO!

first thing this AM start car AC came on and then went out the Power Steering got tight then AC comes back on and steering and air returns to normal then repeats.

It runs as long as it in park when I go to back out of my driveway and dies as soon as i put it in reverse

Went to check fluids in car and noticed that water in radiator looked like a strawberry shake.

System is an automatic. Does not blow at all on w/o or heater. I checked the fuse. Do not know how to verify modules viability. Could module be the issue.

When there has been heavy rains and driving through standing water in ditches etc or taking my mountaineer through car wash, my check/service engine light comes on and starts idling funny. At times when in park it will idle slow to almost dying then rev back up. Then when I get in and put in drive, it acts like its going to die and then revs up and goes. It has done this on and off. This last time though, I noticed the smell of gas at times. The light has now gone off and idling fine.
How many miles should I go before changing my timing belt or chain

Next day alternator. Went out replaced alt. And battery still no turn signal or rpm gauge is there a relay r something. The fuses were checked and are OK. Please help. Good car just needs help.