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Grinding when starting grinds sometimes but not all the time
Went to shift into drive and shifted rough then would barely run 4wd low light came on and I'm not sure if its the trans or could be something else.
Battery is fine it tries to start but it will not engage
Have changed the thermostat flushed the heater core checked the heater control valve changed the heater unit in dash then realized that no antifreeze is going to the heater core. Disconnected the hose going to heater core and nothing was coming out when started the engine. Was thinking something was clogged or maybe the water pump wasn’t working properly but truck is not overheating. Really could use some help thanks
Engine temperature is normal
Overheating at any speed, heater blows hot for a short time then cold. No noticeable loss of coolant. Thermostat was replaced one year ago. Burning oil smell after driving. Parked now.
Car will not drive...Brakes lock
I just need to replace my fuse again or the fuel pump relay in my 2002 mercury sable
Was showing code 455 and 457 codes, I replace the fuel door for a bad gasket and I replaced the purge valve on engine. 3.0 eng, I have been driving it and there is no codes yet but the only thing that it has not ran on the computer yet is evap . Still Waiting.
Locked the car today while running and have buttons on the doors to unlock the car but need to know where to find the combination and I am the original owner
there is a red light alarm inside on dashboard when i was sold the 2000 mercury villager estate he told me i may have issues with removing the key just giggle it i went to hardware store and had 2 copys made with no issues but could it be that the anti theift device is looking for a click to open doors and my using a key to manually open the door is causing issues
My 1997 Mercury Mountaineer will lock and unlock the doors while driving down the road. Also, the "door ajar" sensor and indicator will sound several times while driving. Please Advise.
Hi! I have a 99' Mercury Cougar. Was driving today and on ice hit a curb with my right front tire. Hubcap cracked, but the rim and tire were fine. Still felt off, so I stopped. It appears something bent holding the wheel. How much would it cost to fix it?
Its not turning over at all, everything inside and the lights are working just won't crank and can't put into gear
Not hearing no sounds rides great just showing fourwheel drive
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