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Purchased the car new. I had to replace the original tires at 33,000 miles, I replaced them with mid-market 60,000 mile tires in November 2011. Today November of 2014 I have 68,000 miles and my tires are BALD, 0 tread and not wearing evenly. Could there be another issue causing this? :(
Light has come on less since weather got colder, flashing and sputtering 1st time yesterday. No diagnostic code
I changed all o2 sensors, cam position sensor, fuel filter, air cleaner, plugs and wires, fuel pump was changed 4yrs ago. Don't know what it is. Check engine light isn't on.
also Ford will reimburse you if you already repaired it if you have the receipt?
Heater blend door actuator needs replaced my heater does not work---estimate cost---2003 Gr. Marquis
needs replaced---my heater is not working---Estimate repair?
The truck was parked late last night, this morning we tried to leave home and it was clicking like it was the battery, but the lights and radio and everything is still working. My door locks started automatically locking and unlocking and my dash started making a ridiculous noises. Any suggestions?!
My air filter compartment does not align and seal because the plastic side & bottom is warped. Consequently, i have large gaps on the side and bottom of it. I can even see the filter inside. Does this affect the cars performance? My car runs rough when I put it in gear (chug chug, shake like it wants to die)and sounds like it is mis-firing even at high speeds. Help please. RW
I took car for smog test and it passed all requirements but an exhaust leak at one of the exhaust manifolds. Emissions passed with flying colors. Smog machine did not read fault codes.I removed manifold and replaced 3 broken studs and replaced the gasket. Put it all back together. Took van to smogg and the machine returned fault codes but mechanic was puzzled that engine ligjt wouldn't come on with the engine running. My scanner pulled a p0325 for knock sensor and p0235 for sensor heater malfunction. Any suggestions?
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