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wipers wont work

wipers wont work checked fuse whats next

I have the 'o5 V-6 AWD. I want to do routine maintenance,
but I didn't get an owners manual with the SUV. Where do I
get an owners manual?

Is there a picture of how to replace a power steering gear box on the above car?

My ac system blows only hot air and it is fullly charged is this a control switch or sensor problem and where are the switch and sensor located

i have a 92 mercury cougar, an im tryin to find out where the right hand lock relay is, please help

89 Mercury Cougar, 3.8 V6 (2000,000 miles)needs tune-up(rotor) and replace water pump.

what does it cost to repair a head gasket or would it be more cost effective to replace the whole engine?

where is the radiator cap

How often should the fuel filter and fuel injection nozzles be cleaned by dealer. Can I do it myself?

Climate control consistently blows hot air, no matter what the temp. setting. The blend door has no physical restriction & the module to actuate the blend door scans OK. Any further ideas as to what is causing this problem?? My local mechanic is stumped by this.

Power window quit working. Don;t want to fix it. Is there a way to get the window up without tearing half the door apart and then keep the window up.

rough when idle in gear. dosent shift right and runs rough. was told it was the maf sensor

Airflow will not come through vents. It will blow through windsheild and floor.

where is the vss located ?

what would it cost me to have my transmission rebuilt

the compressor does not seem to be kicking in, ive been told this is because my refrigerant is too low and it doesnt let it to come on to avoid this true or do i have aproblem with the compressor.will a recharge fix my problem of course checking for leaks,thanks john

I cannot see the pvc valve.

does anyone know it's location

cranks but not run no fuel to engine need access point to change fuel pump

I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. The air conditioner blows cold air fine through the front vents and the vent at the rear of the center console. The blower and temperature for the rear ceiling vents is controlled by a temperature dial and a decade fan switch above the front wndshield. The problem is the vents in the rear ceiling only blow hot air no matter what the temperature setting is. What's causing this and how do I fix it ? Thank you for any help you can give.

light flushing on overdrive on and start then went off and it takes high rpm before it shift to 2nd gear

dose anybody know where i can get a flow chart that shows the rpm breakdown per speed

My air conditioner is not blowing. I checked the fuses and there good. I'm looking at the relay and I don't know if it's good or bad.

how to fix water in oil

WE purchased this mini van with 156,000 miles for a good deal and to see if I like driving a mini van, which I love. The only problem seems to be I will be driving and it just stalls out, sometimes it will restart and go and then sometimes not. We have replaced the fuel fliter and put in a used fuel pump, then it did it again. Seems like it is losing fuel pressure. Do you think we should replace with a new fuel pump and fuel fliter, or do you think it could be the water pump?

I want to change my oil and don't know if the oil filter is a cartridge type, which I've never changed, or a twist on type.

how do you replace a cylinder head spark plug came out of head

what is the max rpm i should be putting out at 70 mph

Recently had the following work done: replaced Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Spark Plugs, PCV Valve, Coolant Hose, Timing Belt/Tensioner, Water Pump.

Both before and after these repairs were done... this is what happened: When I went to start the car there was a severe shaking/chugging of the car. The first time this happened I turned off the engine and did not try starting it for a while. 3 months later I tried starting it... and it ran without an issue. I then had all of the above replacements done thinking that one of these things was the problem. However this same chugging problem happened again recently. I started it and it was shaking and chugging. I decided to drive it home from work... which is about a 5-10 mile trip. At first I only went 25-30mph. I eventually started speeding up... after about 3-4 miles it stopped doing this and then ran like a charm the rest of the way home. Ever since then it has not done this. However I'm nervous it is going to do it again. It does need a new muffler. This seems like a more significant issue than just needing a new muffler.

Any thing I should know before I start taking bolts off the links? Are they under tension?