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and every thing shuts off it kills the battery, I put a alternator, coil and cleaned the battery but nothing the battery keeps going low and everything shuts off and car stops
Parked the car for 5 mins and came back to it with this condition.

Checked starter by bypassing relays, engine will turn but not fire.

Also, Message center in dash is giving "error" readouts and OBD-II scanner can no longer read the pcm.

Is it likely that i have a bad ground connection somewhere or possibly a bad PCM?
My cars rpms seem to be off. When idling theyre around 500 and when im on the interstate driving 70mph theyre around 1500. Sometimes theyll get stuck around 1500 and then shoot up to 2500 when on interstate. I just put in a rebuilt tranny. Very frustrated.
After making the final stop while running errands on Monday, my car's engine had a "rough" start. It took about 2 seconds for the engine to stabilize. Once it did the car ran fine and I drove it home w/o any problems.

The car then sat on the driveway for a few days, during two of which we had below freezing temperatures (not sure if it makes any difference here).

When trying to start the car for the first time since Monday, the car cranks but the engine does not attempt to turn over or start. The battery is good and I didn't see any warning lights when trying to start it. The only noticeable sound was the starter(?) cranking over and over again.
is there an other control module that controls the charging, digital gauges, the fan motor and turn signals ?
the headlights , hazard lights work.
When idling it misses and quickly engine does
Misses while driving
When slowing or stopping engine dies
Giving it gas helps but it still misses
Diagnostics listed knock sensor
The timing belt had 3 ribs missing so I replace that and the belt tensioner with new parts. Followed the repair manual on timing the engine. It still will not start. I have spark and fuel. When I turn the crank by hand it jumps time at the crank. Do I need to replace the crankshaft sprocket? Or is there something else I am missing?
The price of moron mount left side and the time it would take to put on
How long will it take to put on
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