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Just need location of sencer
Wood trim loose in Mercedes 2011 e350 on driver door and over glove compartment. Do you know a repair company in MD or Northern VA?
I was driving when my car completely cut out I tried to restart it it wouldn't start I took it to the mechanic shop you can smell gas I was told it is my fuel pump it was replaced but was told it is a much bigger problem they have to go inside the fuel tank and the cost will be 3100 dollars.
Error code says throttle problem is at sensor near the gas pedal. Where is it located and how can I replace it?
It’s an 05 Mercedes ml 350 with over 240000
I have a 1996 Mercedes SL500 R129 convertible and the fuel light on the gauge stays on showing empty when there is plenty of fuel in the tank, about 5 months ago we installed a new genuine and correct fuel sender unit and the gauge worked correctly till now, have checked all the fuses and no problem there, the black lead to the top of sender unit has no power going to it and this was checked with the ignition turned on, how do i fix the dashboard fuel gague to have the lights go out and give the correct reading again ?
I have an intermittent problem with my 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic. I have purchased it about 6 month ago and the following problem occurred several times (twice in the winter and twice this spring):
When the car was left outside overnight it appeared to have a dead battery in the morning - the remote key would not open the door, the dashboard had no lights on and the clock on the dashboard has stopped. After I manualy opened the door with the key, inserted and turned the key fob in the ignition switch, the dashboard lights came on and the engine started up normally.
The higher the speed the more frequent.
turn signal/high beam signal. Took off steering, but can't get to the signal plug
Fuse blows when ac is turned off
Some times I turn the ignition with the key and sometimes it doesn't seem to do anything
I had the rear windshield replaced and now have no radio reception so I’m wondering if the glass tech didn’t reconnect the antenna
I had rear windshield replaced and now hav no reception need help please
Can’t find brake light switch on 2002 mb c230 kompressor coupe. Does it have one? Do I have to take the dash off to find it? Took bottom panel off but can’t locate it. I ordered a new one and looked at YouTube videos for other mb models but no luck. Don’t want to remove dash if it doesn’t even have one.
when turning the key on all lights light except for the check engine light does not light up upon the indicator dash lights
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