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how to manually retract the rear window sun screen that will not retract electronically.
If i leave my headlightswitch in pos 0 my lights use to come on when starting the car but not any more? It started a few weeks ago with the lights came on and of like blinking for a few times but now theyre all dead. Does work when i turn switch to Auto and on but not in 0 position ? What can be wrong? is there an relay and if where to find it?
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I have read that E15 ethanol based gasoline has an octane rating of 89 or better; does that
mean I can substitute it for premium
Happens all the time
No lights on for the dash board
Temperature gauge reading hot. No visible leaks.
The drivers side window is down & will not raise up. The window motor on this side has been much slower than the passenger side for a couple of years. I have removed the door panel & don't know how to remove this unit with the window down. How do I do this & do I need any special tools to remove & replace?
Can't open my trunk door lock, unlock windshield DON'T work, turn signals
2003 clk 500 not shifting out of 2nd gear. I tried reset by starting car again it reset for a while now
My scanner saying incorrect gear ratio not shifting.
If just the idler arm is bad, should a mechanic replace the 2pulleys and the serpentine belt at the same time? the belt has never been changed and has 90000 miles on it.
My dashboard gauges and interior lights stopped working . I tried to change fuse f13 but it keeps blowing even when the car is off with no power
Previously it died when I was driving it and come to a sudden stop and sometimes it started right up. Sometimes it had to wait for several hours then it started. It did that for several months and now it has not started after a day. When the car was running I took it to the dealer and the dealer said I need to change the Power Control Motor Control Unit to start with. Another mechanic suggested changing the inverter. The car has 74k mile. It is a lemon law buyback but it is very nice and when it runs it is like a new car.

The hybrid screen shows the battery getting charged normally and sometimes even goes to 100% when the car is going downhill.
the screen display not working , could it be fuse?
when lock handle is released, windows will go down but soft top will not.
My ml320 2000 model beeps when I am driving I come to a stop and it stops but as soon as I pull away it starts beeping again can you help
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