Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Questions

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I'm needing a oil change
when turning the key on all lights light except for the check engine light does not light up upon the indicator dash lights
I located the leaking cylinder but not sure how to remove the hose from the hydraulic pump.
I was under the impression there are 3 motor mounts or are there 4 ?

If rear mounts need to be replaced whats the labor hours required to do job ?
normal? I just noticed it, we drove it about 3 days ago it was fine,
Terminal 15 improper voltage
Over the past 4 months my AMG suddenly changes from Drive to first gear without me doing anything. it has happened about 5 times at varying speeds. Mercedes says there is no fault code coming up so drive it until it does or, I guess, until I die.
well. after replacement the tubular strut assembly went into the semi closed position and i cannon get the trunk to close or the roof to open any help appreciated.
problem occurred with increasing difficulty for about a week until finally sticking in park.
Newly purchased only 35K miles.
Replaced starting battery with new one.
Starter clicks and engages, can see engine move 1/4 inch or so then nothing. Can turn engine with socket.
What should I try next.
Thanks in advance.
This caused the whole front end of the car, especially the driver side to collapse to approx 3" off the deck. What would be the approximate cost be to replace this pump?
Car cooled off then started again was able to get it home before it shut down again
The rear crankshaft seal has been replaced twice in the last 3000 miles or so, could this be sign of serious engine problem and wouldn't the engine and transmission have to be removed to do this?
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