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Car ran good after replacing the trasmision for awile fluid could be a little low but now car will not start at all please help
Looking at buying one that has 140,000 miles.

I need to replace the broken electric defrosting mirror on the left side.
VIn# WDB1290672F095871, I have tried Mercedes not available anymore my one is a digital 260k speedo, I have been told no other Cluster will fit, can anyone recommend a place that I can contact for such an item.
would be appreciated
a new bulb the right front light doesn't always light up. No reason why now it does and then it doesn't
Only when it sits in the sun all day. If it is shaded or in my garage it doesn't do it. I start out in drive and within seconds it starts shifting to 5, 3, 1 4.
code says cylinder one is misfiring then three or four more misfire. check engine light comes on...when i stop and restart...runs fine and after a couple cycles the check eng light goes off till the next time. seems to be random
dash clock not dimming during daylight, bought used one on ebay. this one not illuminating at all. does the clock have to be reset
is not starter, is not ignition switch.
HOLDING KEY ON, crank's turn once, rest 1 second or 2, another crank turn and some times 3 times to turn engine on. Sometimes takes longer. SOMETIMES ON FIRST START.
I Asked Mercedes Benz.
there is an electronic box behind top of engine by driver side and another on front of engine might be related to starting situation.
Am I on right path can you tell what's the specific reason
Unless I pull it toward me it won't move the seat back & forth.
I have already figured out how to replace the hydraulic cylinder but need to pop the trunk lid open to push the roof and window into the holding area along with the roll-bar
Any help would be great
Thanks in advance
how could that happen
2003 2 dr roadster 5.0 sl class
Vin WDBSK75F010200
In great condition (looking)
car facts No accidents
how to syny top to open

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