Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Questions

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brake pad warning light came on. What is typical mileage for brake pads? What is typical cost to replace the brake pads?
Always black dealer doesn’t fix
When i back up and turn full right the front tires hop. Is this normal?
the dealer told me thats the way the car has been designed. prior to this problem the trans has to be in sport mode or it will shift rough
the motor of my 2009 mercedes benz s63 amg 40.000 miles just broke and we need to replaceit for $37.000 .isn't mercedes supposed to be responsible for that?
Hi, my mercedes does not drive fast it moves slowly if you step on the gas. I resurfaced the front disc rotors could that be the problem? It reads parking brake inoperative and the yello park sign on the dash board. I also have abs & esp unavailable. Please advice what I should do. I bought the car just a few months ago thanks. Lloyd.
for this as they sag and almost puddle during driving.
What if gear does not move to reverse & park but moves to drive and neutral. Start & stop button does not function but then after a while it starts working and you read on the dash board Abs / Esp is not available.
What if selection of gear does now move to reverse & Park but, goes to neutral and drive
What's the problem with my car when it reads Abs & Esp is unavailable.
Outside temp was 45. Sunroff blew out. Repairs $1190 parts not including labor. Any other complaint? Can't understand why this would happen. Any thoughts, comments appreciated.
It got stuck in the process. It won't go up or down and its not completely down, so I'm scared to drive it the the dealership for repair.
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