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over but shuts down in drive ,could it be the fuel injection
I saw a post where DanD answered:
I just went through this with another 1996 Mercedes. I am a Calif. Smog Tech that works at a Gold Shield Station ( means that the State sends us cars that other shops have struck out on ). The Mercedes had several problems. The dealer did, in SF did not even know how to work on the problem The car was broken/malfunctioning for 4 years. What I found is that there is a separate computer that only does the OBD-II monitors. It is called the Diagnostic Monitor or module.The Dealer does not even know where it is in the car because I called several, all over the US, they think it is built in to the main Engine Computer. IT IS NOT!!. The computer is usually in the Engine Fuse Compartment by the round Mercedes Diagnostic Connector. It may even say CARB on it. California Air Resources Board which mandated its existence. The Factory did not even know about it. I had to get it from a special German parts person and it was a used one to boot. However, this definitely fixed the problem. Let me know about this because there are several things to check before putting in this computer, like do you automatic door locks work OK? I will explain why this is so important later. -

Can Dan provide more info as to where is the CARB module and what could be preventing the IM Monitors from setting to Complete?

Thank you,

Engine will still be running while this is happening. All needles on the dash will fall completely to the left and all lights will come on at the bottom of the dash. The transmission will remain in the same gear while this failure is happening, No downshifting or upshifting. The car will not crank if it is shut off while this failure is happening, but it will crank and run fine once you let it set for about an hour. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
After having my auto alternator installed the Oil level turn on showing low oil level. A dip stick showed oil level full at 120ml. What is the cost for parts and labor ?
How do i Troubleshoot or retrieve codes. ABS/ASR light is on. My power locks/trunk lock are not working don't know if it is a bad air pump or some other electrical problem causing it not to work. Please help.
car has check engine light on, owned for a week i can get over 60mph rpms like 1500 not high, owned car for a week before i start changing coil packs and plugs, modules, since i don't have a total power lost , could it be catalytic converter, flue / air,any suggestions before sending a lot of money car has 105k

Petrol (275.950 - MME 2.7.1 - MT/AT - 220.176/876)
DTC Description
P2033 - Comparison of the pressures between components (Pressure sensor upstream
of throttle valve), (Pressure sensor downstream of throttle valve) and sensor
'Ambient pressure' in control module (ME-SFI [ME] control unit)
- The ambient pressure is measured by a pressure sensor in control module
(Engine control unit)
- Intermittent
P2043 - Misfiring
- Permanent
P2044 - Misfiring cylinder 1
- Intermittent
P2046 - Misfiring cylinder 3
- Permanent
P2047 - Misfiring cylinder 6
- Intermittent
P204A - Misfiring cylinder 7
- Intermittent
P2003 - Secondary air injection, malfunction
- Intermittent
P2045 - Misfiring cylinder 5
- Intermittent
P204E - Misfiring of cylinder 9
- Permanent
P20F3 - Ignition module
- Left bank of cylinders
- Intermittent
were to find mechanic to fix this problem?
I can adjust the temperature, but cannot control the blower at all.
When car was initially started no lights. Turned car off and on service engine light came on? Car cam from Cali I am in Midwest in Dec. I noticed as was mentioned by another member that temp stay around 80 but when I get into traffic, closer to 95-100. Another odd thing, took through car wash and engine died. Once I got through wash started car and turned right over? Not sure what is going on. any insight would be greatly appreciated. Car is an 02 S600 with 67k miles.
do I check the module also
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