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I have an intermittent problem with my 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic. I have purchased it about 6 month ago and the following problem occurred several times (twice in the winter and twice this spring):
When the car was left outside overnight it appeared to have a dead battery in the morning - the remote key would not open the door, the dashboard had no lights on and the clock on the dashboard has stopped. After I manualy opened the door with the key, inserted and turned the key fob in the ignition switch, the dashboard lights came on and the engine started up normally.
My coolant light comes on and there is no leak. Temperature gauge rise
Can I put an 2011 S550 AWD engine, in a 2007 S550 AWD.
Pulled over then I turn car off and Found out the gas cap wasn’t on tight. How do I get the engine light off?
S550 benz 2011 blower motor and blower motor regulator resistor replaced car was not getting heat dealer replaced all parts lasted about 3 days same problem again
I was washing my car, listening to the stereo and it just stop playing.
Service B do. How do i reset as completed?
Engine fans runs constantly after about 15-20 mins of driving
Not very often shifting not properly advancing to next gear. Unless turn the engine off and re start.
2015 s550 4 magic
Ft Pounds on the 4 bolts on shaft
My trunk will not open with key fob or by lifting the button on the driver's door, of by lifting the handle on the trunk. If opens when you insert the key in the trunk, turn the key and lift the handle.
I would like to change my tail lights to the 2009 or the 2010 model lights. I also would like to change the front bumper, or can I just change the fog light set up?
screen audio device not available.Hence I lose all voice commands,for gps ,phone and no radio at all.
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