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Hard to start when cold like its lacking for fuel then its start run great.

Cleaned MAF and it made things 10x better, but for a fleeting moment. Symptoms returned and so did CEL. Replaced MAF and everything smoothed out, acceleration/vibration/idle- all good, for a half hour. CEL light is back on with p0100 code. Acceleration hasn't changed, still doesn't feel heavy or sluggish anymore. Rough idle and vibration sporadicly making appearances.

'05 s55 amg abc warning light comes on while driving on slight bumps. At the same time front of the car also makes squeaking noises. Sometimes joint popping sound comes from under the car when I steer it.
Abc fluid reservoir was very low but no leaks. flushed the system, did rodeo, and still the same. Any help is greatly appreciated.

why doesnt open all the way automatically

Shifting very rough when car is drives in city.

If I leave it off for awhile the whole car sits down. When I restart it and put it in gear it raises and runs like nothings wrong. I reset fault and ride perfect.

ABC light was on before the car started to lean to the right and had a minor leak from front left side of car. I would just add a little hydraulic fluid every 5 days. its been 2 weeks the light has been on and today out of nowhere the right side of car was leaning. I noticed while driving that the car is leaning to the right. I havnt really done anything to try to fix it just added hydraulic fluid thinking it would help raising the right side up and level it out but did not work. i checked for leaks around front right and back right tires but there isnt any leaks. please help in any way possible thank you....

driver side front strut line leaking

trunk open about six inches wount go any higher

light shut car off lifted hood and oil was every where the active body control warning came on the dash checked the holding tank was empty could find where it came from it looks like blew straight up on the under side of the hood right where the pump is

Nothing I do will open my trunk. I doesnt even make a sound to say its acknowledging the attemp to open.

I know that all of these issues cannot have happened simultaneously. What could it be? A bad speed sensor, a dirty TCM?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Not having any driving or pneumatic height issues

it is a 2002 s55 stock with 160,000 miles

It flickers on and off at random times

When my car is in park the right side only drops low but it rises back after either i move the car or hit the button on the center of the dash that is a pic of a car with an upward arrow. Why is this?

red message that says "entrance position do not drive". What does that mean. Do I have to take it to the dealer or can it be fixed by anyone? Is there something that I can do to fix it myself? I was told that if I drive it awhile that it may go off, is that true. Also ABC car to low pops up around the same time. But the first message stays on all the time.

a/c stopped working and temperature reads -36*

When I try to raise the roof, one of the two flaps on the rear deck sticks and is not lined up.. The dealer says the entire control unit needs to be repaired in order to adjust the angle of the flap. Can this be?

was not crankin after leavin it over night starts cranking but wont start

Car threw all 3 codes at the same time. Don't have a clue what it could be . I had just left dealer getting oil leak fixed. Car only has 46,000 on it. Is it going to break me to find problem?

to low don't drive. It rights itself when I begin to move ?

I understand that ABC on it is a nightmare. Perhaps I should stay away from it?

I have a bit of rough idle at start up. I have placed new plugs (Bosch Iridium) car runs fine once it warms up. I have put in cleaner additive, but still rough idle at start up for about 5-mins before it seems to get better. One suggestion was fuel pump sensor???? No diag codes???
Thanks for your time!

its a 2003 it runs well. so far no problems.