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some times when I'm driving my abc notification will come on, once I stop turn off car get out and do whatever, when I get back in the car and start it up the abc notification is gone.
when you press button you can hear motor come on but nothing happens
when you press button you can hear motor turn on but nothing happens
it was elevating but not now. need to find a shop that works on it in Wilson n.c. can u help
previous owner already took out original hydraulic system...replaced it with regular. air hydraulics from strut masters. and it had sagg when i bought it. so i don't know if installing the universal kit they claim will fit my car and go back to its upright position ?
Initially right side back (tyre)was going down.Garage people changed the valve block.Still it was going down,then they changed the RIGHT shockabsorber.Even then in the morning whole back side is going down.Can you give a reason for this and how to rectify this
The tracking is fine until the car is running, Then the tracking goes out at the rear. The shop guys say it is a air suspension problem but I have no problems with the suspension. They say it can be reset but I don't understand how this causes the tracking problem.
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