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Every thing worked fine when I parked it
Diagram of the belt
Headlight wiper just stopped working left side is in the proper parked position,the right side is parked in the top stroked position. The fuse is OK
stop turn car off open cap then close it tightly and continue driving without any problems. now my check engine light is on, are these problems related ?
The airmatic visit workshop warning, turns up on the dash every now and then, front struts and height seems fine, but at the back the rubbers on both back struts seems to be separated ..but height still okay, when I shut of engine I hear a "pssst" sound from the compressor.. Should I change both back struts or something else is wrong because this message only pops up after a while.. Plus so many speed Ramps in my apartment ..that are so not helpfull
Should I just force it out ? Or take it to a mechanic ?
Car smokes when starts but there no water in oil
The radiator won't hold any coolant. What could be the problem
Left headlight is not working
My rpms when I start my car in the morning are at 15 -17 , then when I put it in reverse and back to park it idles normally again ? An issue that can cause a further more severe problem ?
My ac when turned off will still blow out the side vents, then when I close the side vents my defroster blowers start running ? I'm not sure if this can damage my car in the future . And ... When I turn my car off the ac will continue to blow for another 10-15 seconds . does anyone have an answer , I have high hopes for this vehicle and I want it to be perfect !
What could be the problem? And can a girl hey some detailed info on how to fix this? Step by step would be great. Lol
Where is the speaker fuse located in a Mercedes 500 series
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