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I had notice that the alarm ligths just coming on, a couple prior to this problems, I would he the key lock and unlock on the key ,and it would stop that matter and about a month a go the car did just shut down, while I was driving,I re start Ted the car and had no more problem .
I was driving yesterday and the AC was working in the morning but when I went to go home in the afternoon the AC suddenly stopped blowing air. What can I do to get it working again???
chirping sound
Trunk won't open with remote or button on the door. The air seems to have leaked out the pushes the trunk up. What part do I need to buy?
a mechanic charged me $1600 to fix my AC that was not working my SRS light that was on and now the problem is re occuring. when I start the car many times the AC will not come on,the SRS light is on,the window locks will not work,the windows will not go down and my turn signals will not work. I will have to start the car 5 to 7 or more different times before everything starts working and now the mechanic is telling me it's the control board. What are my options?
High beam work driving lights work but no low beam
car will not rise it there manual shock for this model?
Sound stopped by itself, is there a fuse for the sound?
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