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I purchased the 2001 s430 from Florida but i live in New York. I noticed a navigation cd inside of the cd driver but when i pressed eject and inserted it back in, it only recognized the Florida area..Nothing from New York appears on the navigation screen. How do i reset? Thx everyone
It does it on every ride and every start
This problem happen everytime car sit up without running for a day.
remote control no function, when i change suspension and break.
I changed battery and once reconnected it started and after about six to 10 starts it lockeked up again and the alarm lights are flashing.
Applying pressure on the Horn does not work.

when applying pressure on the Horn it does not honk.
Could any type of lift causes problems? I had tires put on the front at one place on one type of lift and brakes and rotors put on at a no other place could any of these added to the problem?
Key is locked in trunk. trunk latch does not work. manual trunk open does not work
locked out of is now open...key is in trunk and cannot get into trunk with in car latch or trunk button
drive shaft or axle issues
trunk wont open at all
The brakes feel like stepping on something solid. Car will not stop. Just started happening no warning.
Also temperature gauge intermittent and the dash lights Flash like a short circuit
It will unlock and everything just won't open
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