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Was thinking about replacing the Brake Switch??

00' s430 took in water. rear fuse box shorted. Repair was done. Fuel gauge is now not accurate. At full tank the needle is at empty w/o orange light. Drive for 65-70 miles the needle moves to full. What to do?

My 2006 S430 MBZ has only 50 k miles and over all is in excellent shape.

What can cause no power it ran good when I bought it I then it started running rough have to stop turn it off then try to drive again I changed the spark plugs and coils it still has no power and it stalls when I push down on the gas what can this be

Car would not start without being jumped. Thought is was the battery so replaced it. Still have the problem if car is not started every day and driven. Something is draining the battery obviously. Has anyone had this experience or have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

no interior cabin heat

car has a shake when pulling away cold. shifts into second with a slip. car has slight shake until it warms up then runs well. Even when warm and you rev engine you fee a shake. New plugs, mass flow sensor and new coolant temp sensor

When I am driving it is fine but when I turn the car off an hour later the rear of the vehicle raises about 3-4 inches.

deflating like if you have a flat, now my rear passenger wheel is very low, only on one side, please tell me what it could be, thanks in advance

Brake lights will not go out when car is started.

I havent drove my car in 2 days and when I went to drive it last night just as i pulled out AIRMATIC TOO LOW warning appeared. I pulled over and saw that my car was sitting in its tires. i turned around and parked it. This morning I go out to check things out when i opened my door I could hear the pump as if it were trying to raise the car, however the car did not move at all. I opened the hood and something shot out litterally when the pump turned off. it seems like a a black rubber circle a little larger than a quarter. I guess what i am wondering is... if the pump is running does that eliminate the possibility that the pump is bad or they relay? i cant drive the car and im single and in college, making 10 an hour in a mortuary... if possible I want to fix it myself.

LED Temp Gage "Outdoors" no longer lights up. Also the display panel / computer shows right side passenger headlight "not working," but it DOES!

I replaced the leaking a/c line, but the air only cools on the right passenger side. Replaced my control unit, it's still doing same thing. It wouldn't even cool at all until I erased diagnostic codes v1256, v1257 and v1269 but it wont let me erase code A1056.

How to Diagnose and Repair it? Also a good website that is free on how to diagnose and repair vehicles yourself?

Been having trouble with the right front side. Replaced the air shock twice and now that side wont raise. The compressor does come on for a lil while then turn off. It seems like there's a leak somewhere in the system but can't find it. But every once in a while that same side will drop down for a lil bit. Then I would have to turn the car off a few times for it to finally air up.