Mercedes-Benz S430 4MATIC Questions

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My B service light is on what is that

It sounds like universal joints or something not engaging in the rear
drives 3 Matic

my car is now holding up after changing the shock, but keeps showing AIRMATIC visit workshop on the dash board. the mechanic cant find any problem. He thinks it will stop with time

gauges not working
trunk release not working
gas gauge, speedometer, etc

gauges not moving
trunk button not working
completely black no power

gauges not moving
trunk button not working
completely black no power

If i hit the button inside nothing happens it just says too Low do not drive

seems as if air pump fuse is blown need a diagram

I toke the battery off for about 5 months and when put it back and the key won't turn

I had the rear left turn light replaced but it still does not work. Now the low beams are not working. Bulbs are good. I was told there not enough power getting the bulbs, what can I do to have repaired?

No computer code when brought to shop. Happens while driving and then starts right up again. Its scary and a bit like playing Russian roulette. Does anyone have experience with this? The mechanic drove it for a few days and it hasn't every stalled for him.

When I turn on the car the air pump making a noise and when i stop the car it keep running and making a noise until I unplug the fuse.

When driving the car and the warning light came on"re safe unavailable" car switched to lower gear. Another light came on :reduce oil:. Prior to that there was water leaking from the front of the car. Please advice. Thank you, Franco

found puddle of water in front passanger side

My car doesn't start

When I start up a hill it is worse than otherwise but it is there when I take off

The alerts sensors are coming on and off frequently.

It sounds like a fan hitting a radiator

When I start it up it is louder than it is after running it for a while

When I drive fast (up around 80) for any length it seems to tell me to reduce oil level

i does happen all the time

While driving my car the engine stopped; Instrument panel lit up; Headlight shut off. I was able to coast to the shoulder while still in drive. Once in park, I waited 15 minutes before trying to start the car. the starter clicked, that's all. The battery was fine, I used my hazards for about 50 minutes waiting for the Tow truck.