Mercedes-Benz R350 BLUETEC Questions

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adblue low so i added it afterwards a strong smell came from the exhaust it seems i had filled it up more then a check engine came on
There is a list of things that I need to fix for this car. This car has 160,000 miles on it. Front differential mount bushing is broken. LF axle boot reseal leaks grace. Seal Blow out – Motor and trans Mount+ mounts arm for motor mounts. Timing chain and tensioner rattles. Both boost hoses leaking oil, hard acceleration, blow out. Oil coller + seal kit+ both intake manifold+ port motor+ EGR valve leak oil.

How much do I need to fix all the problems ?
When i first purchaced it, it only did this when it first started up. Now its constant. Its a clicking or constant snapping sound. Maybe a belt?
We have had this car into the shop too many times to find out why this 26 starts item keeps coming up. We have changed everything that could be done and have spent more than $3000 already and have not had this piece of crap for 6 months. Mercedes won't help us either
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