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The car starts but has no power and the radio plays but the buttons don't wont work
Is it the battery or the v-belt?
I purchased the Mercedes Ml63 new in 2013 since then i have done about 41.000 km and replaced brakes twice and now tyres 4 times.
My endless attempts in finding some answers both from Mercedes and the dealer have been not what i expected from a manufacturer like Mercedes. I don't drive vehicle fast or aggressive for this to be happening, last two sets of tyres have gone 7.500 km and 6.500 km.
I actually expected lots more from Mercedes , as i was a BMW owner for a number of years and the service i received by BMW was A class both from the dealer and the manufacturer. Mercedes has really dropped the ball and have a long way to go in order to even come close to BMW. After numerous attempts in trying to get answers especially when i know that the vehicle is not driven hard or harsh. I defiantly will not me saying anything nice regarding Mercedes after treatment i received in endless attempts in finding answers.
requires driver to pull over, stop car, shut off and start engine several times to 'reset' and go on.
Took almost two weeks to diagnose even with computer, only 52k say they have!nt seen before, not getting good gas mileage and they say misfire in pumps is intermittent and not constant. Check light is steady only on after driving a bit, computer sensing bad mpg?
ml 63 amg 2007 help
It happened once, i was driving in confort mode than changed to sports mode, did some hursh accelerations and all of a sudden a had a warning light on and the car started being unresponsive, felt like it wanted to go down, like no petrol was getting into the engine. I had to switch off the car waited for 10 min and than it was all normal again. Can you tell me what could it be?
rumbling shuttering noise underneath car when driving over uneven road, patched up roads, pot holes. what is causing this noise
rumbling shuttering noise louder when travelling over patched up roads, pot holes, uneven road surfaces. what is causing this problem
when driving over uneven road surfaces like reair and patchd up roads, pot holes, ramps The steering wheel may jerk to either the left or right and car veers either to left or right.

The steering whell may not return to central position so more effort is needed to control steering wheel and keep vehicle positioned properly in driving lane.
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