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I don't drive my car very much because I don't feel it's safe( especially on a hwy or busy road. The car just suddenly stops. I thought the last time I picked it up it was fixed but after a few weeks it happened again. Low sound screeching and stopping. out of the blue. I had the BAS/ESP pump and power steering
pump replaced. Also the Bas/ESP light comes on almost all the time. The shop has done diagnostics but can't fix the problem. This has been going on since Nov 2017. What could the problem be. My car has 103K and I do very little driving
then restarts no problem
The fob sometimes turns it off by locking and unlocking quickly, but then it just goes off again. I tried the middle console switch also, sometimes works but as soon as I get out and shut the door it goes off again! Last night it did it every hour or so and I found that starting the car stopped it, weird! Turned it off, closed the door and didn't even touch the fob and 15 mins later, here we go again! Had to disengage the battery finally. What could be causing this? Could it just be a code that needs to be reset?? Please help! Neighbors not happy!
Was just fine earlier today
Every once in a while, when I start the car and begin to drive, the front left tire will stop itself and my ESP slip light will come on. It will do this about every 5 to 10 seconds until I key cycle (shut the car down, start it back up). After that it goes away, sometimes for 24 hours, sometimes for months! There's no warning lights on otherwise. As it only happens intermittingly, my mechanic was not able to replicate the problem, therefore unable to fix it. Any benz geniuses out there encountered similar?
what is the head bolt torque sequence and how much to torque them to? Any other special instructions?
It sometimes revs without moving while on D and moves while it is on N. Restarting the ignition makes it ok. It happens usually in the mornings.
Pedal hard to accelerate smoothly without a lot of pressure!!
we have changed the fuel pump but still the car start and shut off
I park outside. I tried warming up the car a couple of days later and it ran fine. Now it has done it again. What's up.
Hello . I have an ML 55AMG - 2000 - its in limp mode - no reverse lights - the speedometer shakes at start up - the gear display is blank - and the shifter isnt coming out of park. The OBDII code I got is P0720.

The car still goes into reverse but can't get out of the lower gear. I press the over ride with a pen to shift out of park.
My ML55 AMG started showing LOW RANGE indicator on the dash board.I've done all I could but the light wont go.nw the vehicle isnt driving well again.I noticed that it does not select the automatic gears as it does Or as it should.
I have changed shocks twice still the problem is not removed. I hear there are hydraulics and Airflow (?) shocks. Does it means I have the wrong shocks fixed? What could be responsible for the bouncing ride? Please help.
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