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If i purchase a key online can the dealer cut and program the new key at what cost???

my ml500 has been shaken the fuel pump coil packs and wires has been changed ran for a couple days now its stil shaken and when in drive drives slugish

first air conditioner could not be turned off and mechanic indicated a fuse problem and removed it, worked for a while then stopped when heater was turned on it blows cold air.

Has lots of V-8 punch at cold startup, then it is slow to respond to accelerator after warmup.

The rearview auto dimming mirror (and driver side mirror) dims randomly. The sun is shinning and the mirrors dim.

Have just replaced the electric motor in the fuelpump of my ML500. When I removed the pump from the fuel tank, I found that the electrical contacts are sort of sitting out in the open inside the fueltank. ( "Standard" elctrical connection, it's plastic covered rbut the metal connection can be reached by the fuel if it splashes around in the fuel tank or the tank is full). I have put everything back together indentical to the way it was when I pulled it apart. Still I am a bit worried about an electric current inside the fuel tank... Any dangers related to this? Thinking fire and explosion..

Sometimes my car will not register gas in the tank and also the control panel says to check the gas cap. This happens when I put gas in the car...Not always but sometimes....Thanks

also sometimes say tele com muted and the sos button stays lit although i have no telecom subscription

It happen almost regularly. Tapping pedal usually stops it, but, also pushing gas pedal stops it or makes it start leaking air in floor board of drivers side.

Why would the clock. And gear indicator disappear while adjusting

I parked and it wouldn't start up again. someone came to help me and pulled out the spark plug and it started up. I drove it again without any problems for two weeks. Now two days ago I parked it and cut off the engine. Trid to restart it again and it wont start. Could it be the crank shift if im not getting a message?

When driving it well start to revup BC its not shifting right, so I'll have to pull over and turn off the car and restart and it has a steering fluid leak as well could this cause it to act up??? Or could it be something with the transmission??? How can I check on my own, and where is it located at?? PLEASE HELP!!!

Sometimes it works fine and then it starts to act up and sometimes stalls for a second

No leaks, level full, belt good. Steering is difficult at idle RMP -- difficult maneuvering in driveway/parking but returns to normal after RPMs exceed 1000, or car is at running temperature. Is it just air in PS system or bad PS pump? If it's air, can I get it out or is a PS pump replacement inevitable?

With almost 200k miles on odo, besides this and one other thing, car runs great. Car was loaded to capacity, or possibly over capacity, on several occasions. My best guess is that the shock absorbers need replaced, but wanted to make sure before I dish out 800$ on replacements.


i removed the radio and unhooked the battery it did not go back to reset is there any MB techs that have seen this problom.......hhhhheeeeeellllllllpppppppppp

AMG ML55, alarm go's off in hot sunshine.

July 04, 2014, 07:14 AM

I have disabled the "Glass breakage & tow away" sensor in the trip unit but the alarm still went off in hot sunshine. I assume there's a problem with an interior temperature sensor, how do I find the sensor? I am locking the car manually okay without arming the alarm. Appreciate any suggestions. Mike.

if its cold starter stays ingaged till switch is turned off and wont start..once it does start it stalls pulled code for crankshift position senser..I changed it..but problem is getting worse and still pulls code for cps senser..could it be a bad senser from new..problem started 5 months ago..once and a while after 5 min drive time same spot on road it would die..after couple tries it would restart ..after time became more starter stays ingaged when first attempt to start 4to 5 times..once it starts it runs like crap..stalling and starting and does pull up crankshaft position senser..could it be wiring issue..don't wanna keep changing that senser....