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while driving cruise control stopped working. got home, parked car, went to put in garage later and now car won't go into gear. esp light came on several days ago. but went off.
Last week I noticed my air didn't seem to be working as it usually does. Then the other night I noticed my windows were very fogged over when they shouldn't have been. Today I noticed why they were foggy, the ac is blowing on the windshield. The setting are set to blow out the front facing vents. Also at one point the air wouldn't blow at all. Then just can back on a while later. It has a new fan that was put in this past summer (June sometime).
Recently purchased 2006 ml500 with low miles. Rear suspension seams to "bounce" 3-4 times after every bump in the road.
The fan was recently replaced
It was running fine, now it's making a ticking sound and had slow acceleration.
I have been having lack of acceleration.. first i had all coil packs wires and spark plugs changed. New fuel pump. New crankshaft position sensor..n last my converters checked n new pipes. Nothing has changed this problem... drive for a good 15 minutes then the lacking start floor it and nothing happens.... i have to search for a good acceleration in pedal someone help please.
The horn blowing problem developed after having the vehicle serviced and new brakes installed. It was returned to the dealer to diagnose this and a problem with the brake wear light and coolant light illuminating and they replaced a faulty brake sensor & tested the coolant system for leaks finding nothing. We were told they took apart the horn assembly but after picking up the vehicle and driving less than 1/4 mile & coming to a stop, the horn blew and then did it again during a right turn. So far the brake and coolant lights are still off, we're keeping our fingers crossed on both these issues but frustrated with the horn because it could cause problems in traffic or distract other drivers. FYI the vehicle has been at a MB dealer 2 weeks out of the past 3 weeks to address these problems.
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