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Just quit for the first time only on the driver's seat.
2004 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Question: transmission will not go out of first gear. Check engine light came on. Can it be repaired? what can be the problem.
I replaced the cam and crank sensors and it started first go, turned it off and now it won't start again. feel like setting it on fire and pushing it off a cliff. Any ideas what's wrong? Up to this point the cars been fine, WTF?
The rear end was in an accident and my tailgate got a blow on the left hand side and the rear bumper on the left hand side was also impacted. No lights were affected and no signs of structural damage. Have not opened up the tailgate due to not knowing if it will close or not so there may be a possibility that the locking mechanism may* need to be replaced once the tailgate is opened and checked to see if it locks. Need to know how much the ballpark cost range may be for this job and the parts cost. Also, where to look for parts.
For a Mercedes Benz 2005 ML 350, What does the wrench sign with -5400 and increasing on the odometer mean? How do I know when to change the engine oil for ML 350?
Changed out oil and refilled with M1 0W40 - drove all of 5 miles and checked dipstick - strong gas odor. Could this be a faulty fuel injector? Anyone have ANY ideas? Thanks!
I discovered a residue under oil fill cap that looks like peanut butter. The oil on dipstick looks fairly normal. I drive 1/2 mile to work and back - live in CT where temps are COLD. No overheating, no white smoke from exhaust, no drop in coolant. However, there is a "slapping/ticking" noise on drivers side front of engine that disappears when car is warmed up. ANY IDEAS? I was told that it is a blown head gasket! I'm at 132,000 miles. HELP!!
Check Engine light just came on and car now jerks when it is put into Drive. Any possible solution other than getting a new or rebuilt transmission?
I live in Colorado and snow treating chemicals are inevitable. I was my car soon after any snow, but the chrome is becoming pitted and discolored. Seems strange for a car this new. Its always garaged and cared for. Asked my MB Advisor and he said MB doesn't warranty this kind of thing. Seems like a pass the buck deal. Anyone else had a similar experience?
Hey guys so i was just driving my car at 60kmh and the cars engine just gave up the speed started drooping and then it came to a stop. i drove it to my house at 20km/h it was shaking like crazy and then i came home got out the car and there was a lot of diesel leaking from the under of the car,the leaking stops when the car is turned off and when i start it it comes back again.
anyone is this a big repair? or small one?
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