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Does anyone know a less expensive shop?

The four tyres got hooked.

Vehicle pulls when wheels cool down after an hour.

on the one side the high beam just glows a little and the low beam does not work at all. do i have to change the low beam bulb to make them both work or could there be a short somewhere?

If you own a 2013 ML350 and you have discovered hard shifting between gears when you took the car into MB Service Dept. did they know about the problem and just fix it or did you have to speak to the manager about the transmission problem. Did Mercedes Benz fix the problem.

cannot move front seats at all.

CEL came on suddnly with image of an engine

suddenly a lighted engine sign came up on dashboard

the brake booster has hissing noise, need to be replaced. Since this is old car, I am ok with re-manfactured part.

Sometimes the cold air doesn't blow upon start, other times it begins with cold air then stops along the way. Fan is blowing, air is moving, it's a crap shoot whether it's cold or not.

My engine died as I slowed to turn into a parking lot mall. I didn't get any dash lights. I put into Park and the engine re-started, and seemed to drive ok the rest of the day I spent driving. Any ideas?

The car is parked inside our garage. Our 300 Mercedes is there also. We have gone away for over 8 days. Not during very cold weather. This has happened 3 times. This car will not start without a jump. Battery absolutely dead. Dealer claims it cannot find answer. Said it might be garage door opener or computer inside house draining it. Ridiculous! Wants us to pay to install trickle charger link.


I place the key in the ignition but it doesn't start right away, it always takes a few seconds, even when I turn off the engine to start...some one I might need the anti-theft code, this may be causing the delay. If that is correct where could find this code to correct...thank you.

My a/c compressor and the fan comes on when I straight wire it and it cools the car. When we take the straight wire off, everything turns off. I have new freeon in it, so it's not a refrigerant problem. I believe it's a relay problem. Can anybody help me with problems like this?

I replaced the crankshaft sensor today and now the vehicle is now hesitating and the engine is shutting off while it seems like its trying to shift gears. I had problems before the sensor was replaced by not starting right away after long trips. Now, that i replaced the sensor; it's shutting off while driving. Please assist if you can!!

What is the cause of the delay ?

The radio works like it has a mind of its own. When it works, the 6 cd changer performs fine, sounds good; radio stations work, etc. Out of the blue, it stops working for no apparent reason.Trouble shoot or replace? How expensive, or get another brand installed?

I recently had passengers in the rear seats and the dash lights showed SRS and airbags off. When I'm alone, or with a passenger in the front seat, I don't get any dash lights. Can anyone share some light on this problem?

what does the light of bas\ esp mean ?

The dashboard lights were working earlier in the day.
drove later and dashboard lights didn't come on and the air was blowing but no lights indicating any air should be flowing was on. Tried pushing a few buttons but found nothing to turn on dashboard lights. Also speedometer not working all of a sudden

In the garage at home daily

what does it mean. It seems that it was at -58d last week

Big cloud of grey smoke on startup and smell of burning oil, after some driving mostly at higher speeds car blows huge cloud of grey smoke from exhaust and repeats this process every 15 miles or so, burning roughly 2 qts.of oil every 50 miles

Keep saying change your battery

My car wont go up or down. technician says its a pnuematic pump that regulates air to each of the 4 (suspension air bags). could he be correct. and how much does a second hand and a brand new one cost?