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Car will not start when you out fob in ignition. Lights will not come on dash when fob is inserted.
Passenger door will not lock or unlock with fob or from switch on driver's or passenger's switch door. The switch on the passenger door will operate the other 3 doors as will the driver's door. No sound present in the passenger's door when activated. Very slight movement in door spike when depressed.
It appeared where the odometer is!
After an accident, we left the blinkers on and I believe we drained the battery. It was jumped by roadside assistance, started, but 3 days later it wouldn't start anymore without a jump.
my car get slow and loose without accelerator ,i pump up accelerationand it again come slowly slowly tothe normal speed if it jump in potholes or speed breaker and again it take long to come back to normal speed , it happen only when my car get jump
brakes locking up
and their is no recall
... I had just completed a short trip and was about to put the vehicle from "Drive" position to "Park". I couldn't, however, move the shift lever beyond "neutral". Moreover, I couldn't release the key from the "off" position. I used a pen and inserted into "shift-lock-release" cavity, but that didn't assist in moving the shift lever to "Park" either. At that point is where I was out of quick answers. I can start and stop the car and I can drive it, but I can't do anything else with the shift lever action. Your thoughts...
My ML 350 4matic SUV reach 31500miles. I would like to know what type of service will be performing. What service I m free of charge. My vehicle still under warranty and do have an extended service include some maintenance free of billing
The AC turns on initially and the blower goes off in 15 seconds but the rear fan stays on but does not blow cool air. It is not the fuse.
I will check the Freon..
Compressor working on rear blowers. What else could this be? TY
What type of maintenance require when I reach 35000 mile
check engine light on fault code P0705. Wife was driving when it shifted to P1 (digital shift display) and lost power. She pulled over and shut engine off and then restarted. Check engine remained but car functioned properly. I read the code and all that was flagged was P0705. Has happened three times now after a transmission flush...wondering if they are connected? how to get the part to fix?
also codes po403,po135,po155,po141, po161 are they related
When i come to a complete stop at the traffic lights after 2 or 3 minutes my car jolts forward. My foot is pressed down on the brake waiting for the lights and then all of a sudden the car jolts forward, please help me find out as to why this is happening. No lights appear on the screen.
...the tires vibrate the vehicle and it sounds as if I have snow tires on them but my tread is low. I'm not sure what the noise is coming from and it seems to be getting worse.
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