Mercedes-Benz ML320 BLUETEC Questions

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When cruising downhill against compression (not using accelerator) there is a total loss of power when accelerating again. When I turn off the ignition, the turbo "resets" and functions normally until I hit the next downhill. This is for an ML 320 CDi, not Bluetec but the diesels do not feature amongst your options.
When I slow down to stop, it clunks down to 1st gear right before stopping When I accelerate, it isn't shifting
Car was towed for unrelated reason. I had a flat tire on what was supposed to be run flat tires. MB Dealership put them on in November. Now I find out they did NOT put on RUN FLAT which is a problem because car is not designed with spare. They are fixing their “mistake” but the tow truck that took me there and unloaded my car must have done something, or dealership did, because now car needs (according to MB) a NEW INSTRUMENT PANEL. My car was fine and no lights on when I drove it out of garage and discovered the flat tire. After that time, car was out of my control and I don’t know who did what, but something happened!
the dealer did some programming and retraining, but when worm the lights on the dashboard start flushing and turn signals stop working, can not switch to park, transmision shifting hard. when left to cool, starts properly, no lights on dash until warms up.
directly above the defrost vents. I have never encountered this in any other auto I have owned, and wonder if it is common, like MB indicates it is.
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