Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Questions

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No check engine light, no power loss, just a rough idle while standing, possible Camshaft Position Sensor failing?
maintenance need to replace cabin filters need how many and part number(s)
What is the torque spec fir a Mercedes 2009 e63 front breaks
For some reason or another, THE radio can turn its self off, the interior light will come on by its self, key will not turn on, the car will not open when one presses the key button.
These problems will come and go without and reason.
Can you help ? Thank you
My car is almost unbearable at low speeds and the dealer can do nothing for me. They know what the issue is but won't spell it out, I've learned what the problem is on this site. Since I just got it almost three months ago I can't get out of it without coming up with a substantial amount of money for something else and now my wife who didn't notice it at first now does with a vengeance. I noticed that fuel booster and racing fuel makes it run like silk but its expensive and I don't know if it's detrimental to the car.
Transmission rough shifting problems
Are there local tuners who can rebuilt my existing engine and get me a lot more HP/Torque for the same $$$$ ?
this occurs at 110 kph or 70 mph and will hesitate once or twice when going uphill
Want to know if it will be expensive to maintain the E63 for the next couple of years
one front tire has already been worn completely down. Car has 25,000 miles
i noticed while driving
Im looking for a list of required scheduled maintenance for this make and model.
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