Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC Questions

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My car is still running good
I use it for commuting and there is a fair amount of stop-and-go driving.
Is it dangerous to drive when you have an output bearing (in transmission, making noise) that will need to be replaced in the future. Ready to take a trip and not sure what to do.
Just came on this morning. Manuel says fuel line related or catalytic converter. Have lots of driving to do and shop can;t get me in for over a week. Safe to drive without harming the engine?
car alarm keeps going off. keyless entry does not work sometimes.
Car is leaning to the left. When I start the car the air pump comes on and lifts the car correctly. After several hours of non use the vehicle lists to the left again.
what are original size rims for E550 mercedes-benz 2007 4 matic
I notice only one port for adding oil located at firewall
Just need the cost of for the above.
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