Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Questions

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When I press the key to lock doors, the lights flash but locks on doors are up with alarm active. Regarding the sunroof, the vent part works but sunroof won't open.
It runs sometimes but most of the time there is no power at the fuel pump and won't start but the relay is good. When putting power straight to the pump to run it it still doesn't start
Car won't always start with or without key in ignition.
sitting at the light one night the car drop in the rear, and it at my house garage. yes I know a little, in the trade from the 80s, just buy the car
Stopping at a red light my car sputtered out and shut off. Went to start it back up and wants to turn over but somethings not letting it fire up and my 10 amp fuel pump locking fuse keeps blowing out in trunk
I change my fuel pump and I'm having the same problem it will run for a little while then stop like it's losing power can anyone out there help me
E55 AMG 2002 mercedes, key won't turn in ignition.
my radio or camera reverse screen just went blank yesterday. The radio was playing then it just switched off. What could have happened?
Fuses are good, dynamic talks to the dash but air does not pump up any of the cushions
My indicator lights worked before I took the car in. Now when I put the left indicator on, it comes on sometimes and when I put the right on the left comes on sometimes?????
i had the alternator check and is i need to change the axillary battery
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