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Thank you in advance for your help!
The parking light on my 2003 Mercedes E500 is out. I replaced the light bulb board but the problem was not fixed. Additionally, when I turn the left turn signal on, the right side break light flashes along with the left turn signal. I'm I correct that there may be a problem with the fuse or relay? I would also appreciate a copy of fuse diagram for my vehicle as mine is missing.
The car is a wagon with a fold-down third seat. to get the spare tire out, you have to fold up the seat, remove the mat and open the floorboard with those little plastic handles. The handle has broken off.

Car warning only comes on when car sits over night, but goes off when started probably air leak to shocks. What is likely problem. is this a fix by MB Dealers only... they are expensive
Mercedes-Benz E500

gha, Morgantown, WV, January 03, 2015 19:16

Dear Friends, I had a very bad experience with E500, 2005, V8, almost 147,000 miles on it, we took exit on HWY and end up with red warning light poped up on dash board and brakes failed,no control, unable to stop, likely me and my wife are safe due to blessing of god other wise we would be dead,I was on upramp and car stopped due to accelaration without any brakes. Stop light was far enough but few cars and bus was infront of us. I have no clue I didnt get any warning about this failier, just red warning light poped up and everything is out of control. I am planning to civil law suit against MB USA in regards to safety issue, we were shocked, mentally upset and stressed. This is recall in 2004, SBC 2004050014) (2005070007 & 2005110001 in 2005.) For service my car was at MB service center all the time they didnt tell me and didnt replace the faulty stuff from my car? Thanks Sid Please update and let others to write if they have smiliar problem. Thanks Sid Morgantown, WV
Right now, I am experiencing jumping and jerking from my car when at a complete stop or driving slowly. But once i get up in speed the problem disappears. Any help or advice you can give me towards this issue would be greatly appreciated.
I had brakes and rotors done, red light is still on in the dash panel and I would like to reset or disable the red light. I have no problems with braking any longer and can not do anything else on the dash panel, setting the clock, etc...Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
Problem started at about 96000 miles only to find out today from the info on this site that's the prime time for this problem to happen.
The airmatic suspension on my car is fine if the car is level and warm... If I park it on an angle, such as at a curb on the down hill side, rather than on a level parking area, and it is cold out (under 45f) and the car itself is cold, then, just the right rear corner will sag. It will pump up right away and will stay inflated indefinitely, (such as when I am out of town for a period of time) and the car is parked on a level pad, no matter how cold. My mechanic says to leave it alone as long as it pumps back up .
I did a rear main job nd flushed my tranny fluid bought 8 qts at mb ddealer when i dropped it in can started the car it drove but reading was high so i drained
some out nd got it to level now the car has problems to reverse or drive i have to rev it to 2rpm for it to even move a lil bit if its
cold itt will move like no problem ??? Need help idk if its my tranny dnt think cuz it dnt fully slip??
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