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and its also showing a red battery sign on the dashboard
but comes up when started. i have checked and there seem to be no leakage from the back. what else could it be
Just bought this car and love it but recently it started not going all the way into park unless i turn off the key. It will go into park some times if i keep my foot on the break for a period of time, can anyone help, thanks
when i turn to the right it seems as if i need a lube job.
when the car is off right front headlamp stays on..when the car is running the right rear taillamp doesn't work at all??
The bag loses and and when I start the car it comes back up. I want to replace the bag, but every where I've called they don't have it... Mercedes Benz E500 sport...also I'm in the market for a hood release that releases in the front grill,,,the handle broke, hard to open hood,,,Please help....
replaced 5 months ago. Feul pump needs replaced again. Mercedes Benz-USA just extended warranty on fuel pump and related parts but only if failure is due to leakage. The dealership has reported back to me that failure is not due to leakage.... how can they know??
plus what is the labor cost to replace a fuel tank that leaks
since I bought my car I have to jump start the car every time so i thought i needed a battery but when it was checked at the store they said it was good and charged it for me and said something could be draining the charge if it happens again...this morning it wouldnt start again....also after putting the charged battery back in my car the ESP warning came in on my dash during my short drive home
Dash symbol is picture of the car with up arrow (i assume suspension). How do I diagnose?
Everyone I drive no matter what it sinks like oil burning and smoke comes from under hood and front left grill insert by fog lamps. Anyone else have this problem or know what I should be looking for to fix this issue?? It is not overheated and no messages on dash.
My brake light and the battery light is on. I also have a rear tail light out. I went to replace the tail light and found it is a panel. But when I tried to replace it, the light was still out with the new panel. I was told that my front battery controls the brakes and it this is true could it also be the cause of my tail brake light?
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