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This happened out of nowhere @ a red light what should I do next I even thought maybe it was a bad part I took it back and the replaced it for me what else could be wrong it's just cranking with our starting !! Everyone else I read about the success from others

Also, the automatic light switch does not work. Could it be the sensor is bad?

the sbc brake pressure modulator is bad the dealer don't help cause of high miles

15 mph cars rpm maxed,pulled over and turned car off. Restarted and drove perfect home. Now car will not start, bought yesterday...

Charging system and battery have been checked and are operating fine. A 9000 code came on. I rea about a 2003 that had a leaking TMC which shorted out the BMC because it was under the carpet on passenger side and it leaked fluid onto harness. Thoughts?

I checked the fuse box and there was none out.

then you can turn car off then put in park or reverse starts everytime back to drive then same process to change gears any ideas

How much will it cost to replace my rear wind shield?

How much will it cost to repair?

Was in a drive thru today and the battery light came on. A few minutes later it start shaking slightly. When pushing on the gas it was barely moving and I barely made it to a parking spot and shut it off. When I turned it on again it still shakes, battery light comes on and start shutting itself off.. No codes were given.

Auxiliary battery.. Alternator??

So stressed out!

#1 current issue: Red stop car too low came on once,pushed car up button, light went out and seemed fine when driving. Parked car came back 3 hours later and right front was significantly lower. Drove it,no warning lights or messages. It is a 2005 E500 4matic/airmatic sedan, 111,000 miles.

Could this be a resetting issue or is the suspension going out?

#2 issue- Is this all within normal parameters?

Bought this car used Jan 1st this year, since then:

4 wheel alignment $90.00
Crank position sensor replaced $390
Tow $134
Accelerator pedal and sensor replaced $484
2nd key $184

Still needs:
Wheel bearings replaced, both front estimate $692
four new tires estimated $700

(New custom rim due to MN potholes $$$?)

Seems like a sensor because it does accommodate night changes or when pulling in the garage. Once I back out in the day light you can barely see it.
Please help I'm handicapped and this is pissing me off. 03 MB w211 e500
Thanks very much

Planning to change brake pads and rotors wanted to know if I should change the brake pad sensors as well?

Iam comfuse is it my crank sensor or my fuel pump my fuse n relay to my pump is good but I dont have any gas coming out my gas rail at all and I dont have a spark at all in cylinder 1, 5, 3, 2, will my crank sensor cause this please help this is my first benz they a little different from other cars

What is the estimated cost to replace a Crankcase Position Sensor on a 2004 Mercedes Benz E500 4Matic Sedan? Given the part cost is about $47-$70, what would be the additional labor cost since the time to remove and replace the part is about 20 minutes? Thanks.

The Car Want rise back up and its Sayin Stop the car Is too low on the dash Wat do i Do?

This car is ben in flood ,I change the battery and now seat,steering will is not working .Haw can I fix em ?Pleas help.

I hear a clicking sound when radio or CD is played and sound drops out for a few seconds then comes back

If it helps the car is 4matic.

For the last month or so would not change down until I stopped, switched off ign,locked the car, unlocked, and then start again, ok for a few days. Now I can only get 2nd and reverse. Car has only done 54000 miles. 7 speed box. Diagnostic fault code P0717

I am an attorney in Birmingham, Alabama with one of these cars and my wife and kids were driving a 2003 e500 sport a few months ago and the system failed. She almost had a collision with a tractor trailer that would have most likely been fatal. After reading the internet and speaking with my local independent Mercedes mechanic(who was replacing in nine e-class cars at that time and only has a small operation), I have learned this is a consistent, common failure that occurs in every e class it appears. I am prepared to do something about this as Mercedes has failed to provide any meaningful warning to its customers who pay a higher price and expect safety. Even if the automobiles were purchased used, we as owners still pay twice or three times as much for the maintenance and these cars should not fall apart after fifty thousand miles. What a joke but I'm not laughing anymore. Please contact me through email at if you have experienced this failure and if you have been injured I request that you put that in the subject line of the email. I paid almost 4,000 for the rear and one front and who knows when the next one will fail. Lets do something about it.

Brian Collins
phone 205-324-1834

My E500, 2003 was taken to a shop nearby for front suspension problem (diagnosed ) front air struts. When my car was towed into shop it started. The shop was trying to charge me 2800.00 to fix. I did research and figured i could have done cheaper. I called Mercedes and talked to service manager. He said we could even have struts rebuilt here locally in San Diego. My car was then towed back home from first shop and upon didn't start anymore. I called shop and asked why the hell my car wouldnt start and he replied that since they let all air out of suspension to find leak the system would shut down. Mercedes then said to have my car towed into them and they would diagnose if they suspected foul play.
My car has now been diagnosed with a bad fuel pump. They have priced it at 1350.00 to get it started.
My questions would be...
1. How many hours should i be charged? They are charging for 5.5 hrs and does price seem right. I found a fuel pump at a mercedes recycling for 100.00.
2. Is first shop liable even though it may not be related

started happening 2 days ago and the car has only 64,000 miles

just happened, however, I utilized the Sports levels and it went back after driving a few feet.