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When we turned the AC to cool this morning, only warm air was blowing. I tried to charge the unit but the pressure on my gauge started climing up to 100. I shut the motor and the freon tank valve and left the connector attached to the low pressure valve. The "dead" pressure stayed at 70 lbs. If this too high I intend to bleed some of the freon, But how much to bleed

One day it worked. The next it did not. The defroster does not have any air coming out and the fan vents do not have any air coming out. But, you can hear the fan. And, on A/C the fan blows cold air.

I never turn the radio on, yet it turns on by itself. Even when I manually turn it off while driving or not, it turns itself on and won't stay off.

My key won't turn or make the click noise when I insert the key.
Does anybody know what may be the problem?

With the exception of Secondary Air. I've driven the car over 150 miles since battery replacement. But the Secondary Air refuses to set. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue? I'm in Cal and Smog inspection tech, the one failure bars me from a satisfactory report. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration on this matter.

my old key from my mercedes e430 stopped working. I purchased new key and i need to program it , so i can turn on the engine, open and lock the car with my new key.

The radio when used to come on when the engine is running. now it comes on parked in garage with the engine off. Please help

I just bought a new battery. Every now and then it does turn over and start. But then when I turn it off, the problem reoccures.

150,000 miles .Never had any problems from this car . When it starts it acts like it is fuel starved . Im getting a large BAS notification in the information center

the ESP, ABS and BAS is showing on the display screen, how do i clear the fault?

If you shut the AC off and on it will get cold for a short period of time.

it was ok before I removed the batttery whatshould I do

When trying to enter the radio code, nothing changes on the radio display. "Code" continues blinking.

Have tried to reset, held buttons and switches down and all at once. Tried to erase memory. Can not get the seat to move forward, back to recline. It does it's own thing and sometimes opposite.

Up until recently I haven't had any problems with my rear braking lights. But I checked them, and my rear (high) brake light works, but my rear braking lights aren't working? What can I do to fix them?

Hi does anyone know what I can possible change to fix the problem I'm having.
I have already changed out crankshaft sensor, fuel pump relay, fuel filter.
I started with fuel pupm relay didn't solve problem then fuel filter seemed to solve problem for 1 week then car continued to die out and sometimes not crank thus causing me to change the crankshaft sensor... Car has worked great for 4 weeks now it started not cranking up unless I turn key and it trys to crank then stop and pump gas then crank pump gas then crank pump gas and it hesitates and coughs then it cranks rpms go to 15000 then drop back down to normal rpm of 6000 car runs great until shut off and then to start up again have to repeat the turn ignition and pump gas routine. Can anyone suggest what may be going on thanks

No codes come up. Help!

It idles fine but won't rev up.