Mercedes-Benz E430 Questions

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It revs up like it want to change but doesn't
I pushed the lever on the passenger side but that does not do it.
It will not go past neutral. Then after about 2 minutes it goes back to park with no problem.
no codes. car was running died out and wont start.
The engine died on the freeway in stop and go traffic. I had it towed to the house. Last year I replaced the fuel pump and filter. I replaced the CPS today and it still dies shortly after startup.
Anyone know why the max is coming from the speakers so low? I can barely hear it! When I turn the volume dial up I can hear it come in and out. Don't know if it's a amp issue or if the dial is stripped on the radio. I just bought the car and had to reset the radio so maybe that has something to do with it?? Trying not to spend money by taking it to a dealer, want to fix this myself, and with your help of course. Thanks in Advance.
It's the stock radio and has the bose speakers.
Noticed the cd changer has been removed as well as the phone from the arm rest.
Also the rear window shade is not working.
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