Mercedes-Benz E430 4MATIC Questions

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Tried replacing the headlight socket but it still would not work.

I'm I suppose to reset something.

no computer codes.

Is there anything I can do that would permit me to install it?

When I parked it everything was fine. Got min it and started it but I couldn't get it out of park. What do I need to do or reset?

my E430 will not go into gear after it warms up. The shifter displays R and D but will not display the gear numbers when toggled manually. This seemed to start after I accidentally knocked it out of gear while driving.

Bulbs are fine.

Just stopped working, when it was working I noticed that I could only control the AC temp for passenger side but not driver side and was hearing a slight hissing sound when I would kick the AC on. Just purchased car 2 wks ago, 149,000 miles, 1 owner and in perfect condition. Any ideas on what I'm looking at as far as problem and price? Please!

I cant figure out where it is coming from. Its been raining almost every day here. Can you offer up any suggestions. Recently I had a transmission gasket replaced? Pleas Help

This happens most often, I believe, around banks and military locations. I live in San Diego, Ca.. This happens up to 3-4 times a day or until in frustration and near by complaints I just leave it unlocked.

Usually on slow reversing

mechanic had to pull computers out to replace rs upper control arm,car ran fine before now wont go over 10 km/hr runs rough and stalls they think its a wiring problem but the only thing they pulled out were the computers in the engine bay to get at the bolts. could they have damaged the computers?

Had a bad experience with mechanic. Claimed the heads cracked resurfaced them. When he returned car a vibration under hood, we looked and when you put foot of gas left side of engine lifts up out of the car

Mechanic says the valves in the intake manifold have carbon on them. He put some cleaner in the motor through the purge valve to clean it but still have the noise Whats up? What do you think? The car is real nice looking but it is embarassing when the car is idleing and it sounds like an old junk box.

After my driver side went out, I tried to replace it and the new bulb wouldn't turn on. I've tested the same bulb on the opposite side and vice versea, the bulb works fine but the headlight still wouldn't come on. I have a theory that it might be a fuse but im not sure if 02 model have them. Help me out folks. Thanks.

I have a problem with the the spot on the timing cover where the bypass hose (oil cooler)connects to the water pump. i have the cylinder shaped bypass hose but wondering what else connects to the bypass hose to the water pump.

Empty light for gas comes on randomly while driving while i still have enough gas. When you shut the car off and turn it back on the lights off but soon again comes back on. Any ideas how to fix it or what it is?

When I insert my key in the ignition, it will not turn. I cannot start the car. If I hold down the unlock button on the remote sometimes it will allow me to turn the ignition. I have been stuck at gas pumps, etc.... What can I do to fix this?

I can't switch my AC from EC to recirculating mode on the control panel. The compressor guage low side reads 70 psi and will not engage. Is it possible that my EC sensor under the dash is bad? Please help.

hi ,transmision kiking in the bigining but then later drives smooth and shifting up and down very well,engin light came on yesterday ,i can not find transmission fluid stick to see is there enough fluid ,please help to locate
and how serious could be the damage?????.
my email

my e430 check coolant light keeps coming on in the vehichle i have put a new radiator in it a new thermostat new hoses new resevore tank and today the check coolant sill came on. no leaks check yo see if oil tank and dipstick had a gray milky color none of that was visible what do i check now

The whining noise occurs at highway speeds (45mph and faster). Seems to be coming from wheels.

Our car was rear ended and it made it impossible to close the trunk. The rear lights are shattered. The car drives fine. What would be a fair price for repairs?

car start and after a few minute shout off and it wont start untill two hour later.

what can i do about a coolant leak that just started but only happens so often?

How do you change battery in infrared remote?

My veh temperature gage will rise quickly when the veh is idled in traffic. The fans do NOT come on to cool the vehicle either. Could this be a result of the thermostat being bad? The vehicle recently had repairs to the front end as well.