Mercedes-Benz E430 4MATIC Questions

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Tried replacing the headlight socket but it still would not work.
I'm I suppose to reset something.
no computer codes.
Is there anything I can do that would permit me to install it?
When I parked it everything was fine. Got min it and started it but I couldn't get it out of park. What do I need to do or reset?
my E430 will not go into gear after it warms up. The shifter displays R and D but will not display the gear numbers when toggled manually. This seemed to start after I accidentally knocked it out of gear while driving.
Bulbs are fine.
Just stopped working, when it was working I noticed that I could only control the AC temp for passenger side but not driver side and was hearing a slight hissing sound when I would kick the AC on. Just purchased car 2 wks ago, 149,000 miles, 1 owner and in perfect condition. Any ideas on what I'm looking at as far as problem and price? Please!
I cant figure out where it is coming from. Its been raining almost every day here. Can you offer up any suggestions. Recently I had a transmission gasket replaced? Pleas Help
This happens most often, I believe, around banks and military locations. I live in San Diego, Ca.. This happens up to 3-4 times a day or until in frustration and near by complaints I just leave it unlocked.
Usually on slow reversing
mechanic had to pull computers out to replace rs upper control arm,car ran fine before now wont go over 10 km/hr runs rough and stalls they think its a wiring problem but the only thing they pulled out were the computers in the engine bay to get at the bolts. could they have damaged the computers?
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