Mercedes-Benz E320 Questions

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Have to raise rpm really high to go in reverse
The car wouldn't start and the battery is located in the trunk. The trunk can't be opened
would like to find fuel pump relay location
Want to know exact location of the. Code#PO705 and how to replace
tarrying to pass smog in the state of Nevada I think the code was POO41
first noticed rattle noise under the car
My car model is E230AG My ETS ,ABS and low break light will on when i am on the road. Sometime the car refuse to move, sometime its move but in low gear.Sometime its run perfectly. Can anyone give me some advice? thankyou
Is also going to be needing to be replaced? What would the affect be?
why is my car hesitating to accelerate unless the temperature goes up to 80%
When car warms up the sound goes away.
is there access to a place that I can disengage the pedal like in a manual release type of car,
Transmission jerks when taking it out park to put in reverse or drive, and when in drive, it will not go into 2nd gear.... Is it an electrical component issue or the transmission itself that needs replaced....
I have over 200,000 miles on it.
My turn signals will not operate at all. The physical lights work fine when I turn the running lights on. But when I signal left, right, or use the hazards absolutely nothing happens. Also the fuel level doesn't read. Everything else works on the cluster including the menus. It does say on the cluster that it has a malfunction. Many other electrical problems with the car: head rest button on center console and the rear window screen do not work. Car will not lock, unlock, or release trunk (have to release it manually). Haven't dug into anything just yet, but is there anything in particular I should look at? Going to test all the fuses but no other ideas.
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